15 Funniest Walking Dead Memes for Super Fans

Super fans will LOVE these 15 best and funniest Walking Dead memes! Which are your favorites? Check them out!

Nowadays it seems like anything can be made into a meme thanks to the sarcastic and out-of-the-box humor that a lot of people have. Not many people would think that a show about a post-apocalyptic error could be funny, but there are hundreds of The Walking Dead memes out there that have made us laugh harder than we want to admit. Besides, it’s nice to see our favorite characters in a whole new light. Here are some of our favorite Walking Dead memes that we just had to share!

15 Best Walking Dead Memes


1. The sarcastic smirk on her face says it all. We think she should bring some flowers with her!


2. Sometimes melons are worth dying for!


3. Maybe there is a benefit for Daylight Savings Time!


4. Better watch out for those metal monsters.


5. We believe! Seriously, who doesn’t watch this show?!


6. Lucille in pencil form looks just as intimidating.


7. It’s good to know we weren’t the only ones confused by this at first!


8. Is this real?! We have no words on how perfect this meme is.


9. Who does it better? We vote for Daryl!


10. Seriously. Daryl can never die, ever. We will definitely riot!


11. Friends don’t let friends not watch The Walking Dead!


12. We don’t want it to be over so soon! Glenn’s emotion speaks to us right about now.


13. Carl’s eye mishap has brought us some hilarious memes.


14. You won’t find much dancing here!


15. Every single time. We can’t think of an episode that hasn’t left us in pure shock.

Do you have a favorite Walking Dead meme? We want to see it! Tell us all about it in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “15 Funniest Walking Dead Memes for Super Fans

  1. My son-in-law loves Walking Dead. I’ll have to show him this post because I know he’ll completely identify with these funny memes.

  2. Think I have said before we don’t watch anything about walking dead, running dead or anything. Just something we could never really get into watching. Just didn’t make any sense to us. I know we are different.

  3. lmao! Some of them are really hilarious. What a great end to the day! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don’t actually watch The Walking Dead, but I definitely read the doors as “Don’t Dead Open Inside” so that meme was funny to me. My friends who like TWD would love this post.

  5. These are great! I love the one about the melon though I’m so sad he died! That was a shocker of an episode.

  6. I’ve never watched this show, so some of the imagery is lost on me. But the ones I do recognize are funny!

  7. I have to admit that I don’t watch The Walking Dead but my sister and brother-in-law do. This is a post I will have to share with them. Thanks for sharing the memes.

  8. I haven’t seen this show but these memes are funny! I’ve always meant to watch it!

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