10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Walking Dead

There are some things only Walking Dead fans would understand! Check out 10 Walking Dead trivia facts we bet you didn’t know!
Get ready for some Walking Dead trivia that only the truest fans already know! The Walking Dead has become one of AMC’s most popular and most successful series. The show is one of the few that has been able to realistically portray what society may look like in the event of a zombie outbreak. While some zombie shows are a bit overdone, The Walking Dead meshes the post-apocalypse zombie scene with an awesome story that has captivated many viewers. Even if you’re a huge fan of the show, we bet there are a few things you’ll learn from this article. Here are 10 things you may not have known about the show!

10 Walking Dead Trivia for True Fans

1. The logo foreshadows the story line. Opening credits of most shows are usually pretty boring but from season 1 up until now, if you watch the show from the start, you will notice that the logo has slowly been decaying and rotting away, which is exactly what’s happening to the environment on the show.

2. We may never know what caused the outbreak. If you’re looking for a sure answer as to what caused humans to turn into zombies, you may be left hanging. The comics that the show are based off of do not reveal the cause of the outbreak and we can only assume the show won’t either.

3. The show uses food as flesh and guts. Who would have thought that food could look so bad? Producers have decided to use chicken breasts as human guts and flesh is ham soaked in vinegar. Talk about delicious!

4. The living out crazy outnumbered. From the very beginning, the walkers outnumbered the living by a 5000 to 1 ratio. Of course, this ratio has dropped over the seasons but the walkers still definitely outnumber the non-zombie beings.

5. Producers love using a 16mm camera. Rarely are big screen television shows shot using a 16mm but the producers of the show have used it since day one because of the graininess of the film as well as the other imperfections this type of camera usually presents. All of this adds to the show’s ambience.

6. HBO turned down the show. Originally the creators of The Walking Dead pitched the show to HBO producers who thought the idea was too violent. AMC was thrilled with the story line and is obviously not afraid of a little blood and guts!

7. Zombie noises come later. When producing the show, the creators add all of the zombie sounds post-production. Maybe this is why some of the zombies look so terrifying, since they can 100% focus on acting instead of acting and making crazy noises.

8. There may be a connection to Breaking Bad. If you’re an AMC show fan, you may have noticed a few subtle connections to Breaking Bad. From the blue meth to the same red Charger, we wonder if Breaking Bad is what caused this whole situation!

9. We can all be like Daryl. If you need a new costume for this year or if you want to be a cool walker-killer, you can pick up Daryl’s crossbow for about $300. Money well spent!

10. Walkers don’t blink. If you pay close enough attention to the walkers, you’ll notice that none of them blink. Actors are told to do their best to blink as little as often and any eye-closing moments are removed post-production.

Can you think of any other Walking Dead trivia that only a true fan would know? Share below!

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19 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Walking Dead

  1. Love that they use a 16MM camera I think it adds to authenticity even though it is fake lol. Still very cool looking when it is grainy. I Do want to know what caused the dang outbreak though!

  2. Love love love the walking dead! Not quite caught up with the last season yet but man does it get better and better!

  3. I’m not really one to follow this series but I have so many friends that do! I should show my old colleagues – they would love this!

  4. This is definitely one for my husband and son. I passed it along to both of them and they can enlighten me!

  5. Shows like the walking dead scare me… but you clearly love it 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. I haven’t watched this show.. Sounds pretty scary with interesting story. Can’t wait to see it

  7. I never thought a TV show series based on zombies could put a George Romero film to shame. Walking Dead is my all-time favorite show, though!

  8. Our whole family TWD super fans. I bought my daughter-in -law a cross bow for Christmas because she is so obsessed. Did not even notice the whole no blinking for the zombies thing.

  9. It’s episodes such as the latest instalment of The Walking Dead that makes you grateful for sticking around when your recent thoughts while watching the series may have been more focused on the location of your remote control.

  10. I still haven’t seen this t.v. series yet. It’s on my list of ones to watch though. Seems that everyone is loving this show!

  11. I haven’t gotten into this show. I bet HBO wishes that they took on this show now.

    I can’t believe that they use food for the guts and gore.

  12. We watched The Walking Dead for a long time, but had a hard time continuing with the beginning part of this past season. I love all the information you shared though, especially about them using food as guts and body parts! Who’d have thought??

  13. I have heard really good things about this show, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it. My kids are really little, so I can’t have it on when they are awake and I don’t stay up late too often watching tv.

  14. I wouldn’t imagine that many people would flock to the junkyard, so this makes it a potentially ideal place to build a community.

  15. I hear so many people talking about the Walking Dead but there is just something about blood and zombies that I can’t quite digest. Have fun watching though.

  16. I’ve watched the first couple of season and it’s pretty entertaining. Most of my friends are rabid fans of the show, I just haven’t had the time since I can only watch on my own. My wife is no fan of zombie stuff.

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