Throw a Spine-Tingling Bash with Our Scary Halloween Party Games

Turn your party into the spookiest event of the season and totally give your guests the chills with these incredibly scary Halloween party games for teens!

These Scary Halloween Party Games For Teens are perfect for your next big party event.  Plan some great snacks, grab some scary movies and invite all of your friends to come over for a great party that everyone will love.  Scary is great when everyone expects it on Halloween!

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Scary Halloween Party Games For Teens

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Quick note: these scary Halloween party games are meant to be in good fun and not to offend anyone, included but not limited to: ghosts, morgue assistants, true psychics, Stephen King (because, you know, he’s like the master of the Scary Story Circle!), and people who actually have body parts made of Jello.

Scary Story Circle:

Lights out and flashlights in hand, create a circle with your friends.  Start with one sentence that is scary, and pass the flashlight around to each person to add another sentence to the story. Go around the room creating a fun looping scary story that is perfect for everyone to add their own unique spin to.  You can ask parents to come around and make scary sounds, noises or even walk up behind people in the circle to scare them during the best parts. Here’s a pack of 12 Mini Flashlights for your whole party.

Ouija Board:

Everyone loves a little fun with an Ouija Board!  Ask questions and let the board answer you!  This is a super fun and a bit scary way to spend some time at your Halloween party.  Have everyone write down a question and put into a bowl.  Pick a question from the bowl so you don’t know who asked it.  This will make the answers even creepier to see.

Morgue Assistant:

This is a super fun game that is more gross than scary, but great to have fun with.  Create “body parts” with things like spaghetti,  Jello, cottage cheese and similar.  Have the “assistant” help you find the body part you need on your list.  Put different gross foods into bowls and blindfold the assistant.  They can then dig into the bowls to find the body part you named.

Tarot Cards:

Grab a deck of tarot cards and learn how to read cards (or make yourself a cheat sheet and hide it under the table!).  Have everyone sit down for their own Tarot reading.  This is a super fun and easy game that everyone will love.  Most will question what you “read”, but it can be perfect for tons of laughs with everyone.  If you want, you can set up with a crystal ball to make it seem even more authentic!

These great scary Halloween party games for teens are perfect for your Halloween block party.  Grab the best costumes, snacks, drinks and movies to hosting your very own unique haunted house or party with your classmates.  Scary party games, movies, and decorations make Halloween a great favorite holiday for you and your friends.

Can you think of any other super scary Halloween party games that you love to play on the creepiest night of the year? Tell us in the comments!


24 thoughts on “Throw a Spine-Tingling Bash with Our Scary Halloween Party Games

  1. I am pinning this. We are planning a Halloween party, my daughters bday is Halloween, and these are great ideas

  2. Those are fun ideas. I will keep these in mind if I throw a Halloween party this year.

  3. Setting up a haunted house would be awesome as well. These are great tips! I can’t wait for the Halloween.

  4. I love the Halloween season, and I think that it would be so much fun to host a themed party. The Morgue Assistant game sounds like interesting, creepy fun.

  5. I’m not throwing a Halloween party this year but I’m going to try some of these suggestions when the grands spend the weekend. They would love the Morgue Assistant even though they’d think it was gross, lol.

  6. I am not into Halloween so no party at my house …this was always scary nightmare of shooting in my neighborhood in New York City. Thanks for the share.

  7. I am not a fan of halloween at all, we do a little thing for the kids at our church but not sure if we are going to do anything this year, the older the kids get the more they want to hang out with friends

  8. I am not doing a party this Halloween. I will have to pass these ideas to my friend who is having one.

  9. These look like some great teen Halloween games. My daughter has an old ouija board we found at a thrift store. She loves to scare her friends with it, lol.

  10. These are a fun ideas for Halloween. i need to bookmark this for our Halloween Party.

  11. Don’t use a Ouija board or tarot cards. People have died or almost died because of a demon from the other side because of Ouija boards. Tarot cards, you have to know how to use them or you can set yourself up for a life time of h*ll.
    I’m not trying to scare you I’m trying to save you from making a mistake

  12. These games are not for teens as much as they are for little kids. I’m 16 and throwing a huge Halloween/Birthday party for me and my friend and no teenage thinks these are scary little own fun. I’m not hating I’m just saving some adults out there trying to throw party games for there teens from making a very bad choice and there kid(s) friends thinking that both them and her parents are lame.

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