5 Crazy-Smart Mystery TV Shows Like Sherlock

Love intelligent mystery TV shows like Sherlock full of crime & sardonic humor? Check out five more fabulous shows to add to your binge watching list!

If you are a big fan of smart mystery shows like Sherlock and can’t get enough of it, here are a few other shows that you will love. Sherlock Holmes is a name most people have heard before. Originally created in the classic stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, many of you may know about him because of the BBC series “Sherlock”, which takes a look at a modern adaption of the famous stories. “Sherlock” follows around a detective and his assistant as they intelligently and brilliantly solve a wide variety of crimes in and around London.

5 Great TV Shows Like Sherlock

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There are perhaps no other shows like Sherlock out there than Elementary. Like Sherlock, this show looks at a modern take on the story of Sherlock Holmes. Instead of London, this show is set in New York where Holmes works as a consultant with the police to help them solve crimes. It is also quite interesting to have Watson portrayed as a female in this version. Johnny Lee Miller, who plays Holmes, a recovering heroin addict,  is no stranger to playing that type of role. He also played Sick Boy in the cult classic, Trainspotting.

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House M.D

While the two are focused on fundamentally different industries, there are definitely some similarities here. Sherlock works with police while House works as a doctor. House is amazing at solving puzzles and figuring things out, so much so that other experts send patients to him when they can’t figure out what’s wrong. House is also very loosely based on the doctor that inspired Sherlock Holmes, so there is definitely a connection. Basically, if Sherlock was a doctor, he would be House.

The Mentalist

This show focuses on a famous former-psychic named Patrick Jane, who actually came clean as a fraud after his family was killed by a serial killer. He was able to pretend to be psychic by using his amazing observational skills. After coming clean about being a fraud, he joins up with the police to help them solve cases and find the person who killed his family.


While this show is a comedy, and not a drama like Sherlock, the two shows have more in common than you might think. Psych focuses on a character who is pretending to be a psychic when in reality, he just has an amazing memory and a very good attention to detail. Remind you of anyone? He and his friend are hired by their local police force to help solve crimes, similar to Sherlock and Watson.


If you love the ongoing banter and battle between Sherlock and his arch-nemesis Moriarty, then you will love this show. It follows a police officer and his battle to prove the guilt of a psychopathic murderer. The cat and mouse game leads to an interesting dynamic as Luther (the cop) knows that Alice (the murderer) has done it, but can’t prove it or find the evidence necessary to put her away.

These five great mystery shows like Sherlock should have you guessing whodunit for a while! If you haven’t already gotten into Sherlock, you can buy the first season on Amazon.

Do you have any other favorite smart mystery shows like Sherlock? Share below!

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  1. These sound like great shows. I am pretty sure my dad watches the Mentalist.

  2. I don’t know what it says about me but I have seen them all. I am a huge fan of Sherlock.

  3. I am not the best fan of mysteries but I am interested in Psych which I had not heard of.

  4. I love that Netflix has so many shows that are like other shows that one can enjoy. I am not a big Sherlock fan but I know someone who is so I will share this with them!

  5. I actually started watching Psych not too long ago. Don’t know how I haven’t seen it before now.

  6. I have never seen any of these before! Its not really my style but lately I’ve been so disappointed in tv I would love to check these out.

  7. House is my favourite ever. Hugh Laurie is such a good actor. I may have to try Sherlock then since I enjoy House so much.

  8. Our family loves the show Psych! I haven’t checked out some of these others though.

  9. I love Sherlock so much I brought the discs with me whenI had my last daughter. Need to check the rest of these out!

  10. Im not going to lie I never was into these mystery solving shows. Well I need to check out Luther just for the sake of Idris Elba!

  11. So many great choices! We have binged on just about all of these shows. We were just talking about Psych this evening!

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