What Season Of American Horror Story Was The Scariest To You?

What Season Of American Horror Story Was The Scariest To You? We take an inside look at what we think is the scariest season of the show American Horror Story. You have to see the insider details on one of the scariest TV shows to watch

So what season of American Horror Story was the scariest to you so far? This is being debated in so many circles and American Horror Story does such a good job of turning up the creepy factor. It’s hard to choose, but there is one season of AHS in particular that creeps me out big time! Here’s all of my reasons why season two of American Horror Story was the scariest one so far!

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What Season Of American Horror Story Was The Scariest To You?

In the five completed seasons of American Horror Story the scariest one is Season two! This season is named Asylum and has to be the scariest of them all. The season takes place in an asylum which is already super creepy enough with all of the medical possibilities.  This season also has some disturbing moments that left me in shock and some really creepy quotes.

Disturbing Moments

Episode 1- You know a season is going to be scary and gory when in the first episode, there is a terrifying scene. A couple is on their honeymoon in present day when they check out the haunted remains of what used to be the asylum. The groom soon gets his arm ripped off by Bloody Face, who later turns out to be a serial killer. Bloody Face wears a mask that he made from the skin and teeth of his victims.

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Episode 3- In this episode, Shelley, a patient at the asylum, is turned into one of Doctor Arden’s experiments. He first amputates both her legs and then gives her an injection which turns her into a Rasper, which are patients who are turned into mutant savages, feeding on human body parts, by Doctor Arden.

Episode 5- In this episode, we get our first glimpse of Doctor Thredson’s house of horrors. His home is decorated with a lampshade made from human skin and a candy bowl made from a human skull. Then there is the basement where he skins his victims.

Episode 8- Here we meet Leigh Emerson, also known as the Killer Santa. In just one night, this guy kills 18 people dressed as Santa Claus. Later, he would also kill 7 nuns at the asylum.

Episode 9- In episode 9, there was a pretty gory scene where Lana Winters performs an abortion on herself using a coat hanger and blood was just pouring out of her.

Creepy Quotes

Episode 1

Conversation between Sister Jude Martin and Kit Walker:

Sister Jude- “Your story about little green men? That won’t do here.”

Kit- “They weren’t human. They were monsters.”

Sister Jude- “All monsters are human. You’re a monster.”


Episode 2

Conversation between Doctor Arthur Arden and Sister Jude Martin:

Doctor Arden- “The last time I suggested electroshock therapy, you accused me of being a sadistic barbarian.”

Sister Jude- “I prayed about it. When I wasn’t praying for you to find a halfway decent haberdasher.”

Conversation between Doctor Oliver Thredson and Sister Jude Martin:

Doctor Thredson- “In just the short time that I’ve been here, I have witnessed appalling things. Abuse. Malpractice. Candidly, I’m shocked.”

Sister Jude- “It’s a madhouse, Doctor. What did you expect?”

Episode 5

Conversation between Lana Winters and Doctor Oliver Thredson:

Lana- “You make furniture?”

Doctor Thredson- “Lamps mainly. I make the shades myself.”

Lana- “What kind of material do you use?”

Doctor Thredson- “Skin.”

Episode 6

Doctor Oliver Thredson, talking to Lana Winters:

Doctor Thredson- “A mother’s touch. Skin to skin contact. That’s what I was craving, that’s what I was missing. My whole life. But she smelled of formaldehyde. And her skin, even after I removed it, was cold. And stiff.”

Episode 8

Conversation between Leigh Emerson and Sister Jude Martin:

Leigh- “Where’s your Christmas spirit, Sister?”

Sister Jude- “What do you take me for, an idiot? Huh? You killed 18 people from five families in one night. You might expect to remain in irons for the rest of your life.”

So tell me in the comments, what season of American Horror Story was the scariest to you?

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17 thoughts on “What Season Of American Horror Story Was The Scariest To You?

  1. The entire series has been delightfully creepy, but the scariest season is still the first one in my book. That one was so good.

  2. I am most definitely not a fan of horror shows like this but my husband says that he loved last season compared to this one. I always get a kick out of making weird noises in the other room when he is watching American Horror Story just so I can freak him out even more!

  3. I haven’t watched this series, but I have heard so many good things! We are looking for a series to check out, and this sounds good. I definitely want to check out what everyone has been talking about!

  4. I am enjoying this season of American Horror Story. I found the scariest one to be the Asylum season.

  5. They are all freaky and scary to me. I have not see any of the seasons of American Horror Story before but maybe I will have to binge watch with my sons this month. Thanks for sharing the seasons.

  6. I’ve never actually seen the show before. It does sound like a great show though. I love horror movies, so I’m sure that this show would be great for me.

  7. I don’t typically watch scary movies or shows. This show sounds super interesting, though. I know that my older son would probably enjoy this show. He loves watching scary stuff.

  8. We just started watching this last season of American Horror Story on Hulu and it’s crazy so far! However, I think the scariest was last season. It was so scary, we didn’t even finish it. I hate clowns! lol

  9. I haven’t watched this and honestly I don’t know why. I love horror shows so I’ll have to check this out and see which season is the best in my opinion.

  10. Geez I don’t watch this series and I’m not sure if I will ever. lol. I’m such a scary cat! I won’t be able to sleep for a long time.

  11. i haven’t watched any of these series.. Look pretty scary, perfect for the Halloween month

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