5 Amazingly Little Anachronisms In Stranger Things That Are Off

They missed it! 5 Amazingly Little Anachronisms In Stranger Things That Are Off

Stranger Things has its story set in 1983, but since we’re filming it in the modern day it’s easy for anachronisms to slip in accidently. If you’re not familiar, an anachronism is when something from a different time period suddenly finds itself in a movie or show that doesn’t fit. For example, if I were to throw and iPhone suddenly into Stranger Things and have one of the kids text their mom from the woods, well that would be impossible because iPhone’s didn’t exist in 1983 when the show is set. Netflix’s show Stranger Things in season one overall does a great of giving everything and 80’s throwback, but there are just a few tiny things that are off. Check out some of the anachronisms I found in Stranger Things!

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What Are Some Anachronisms In Stranger Things?

1. Music Dates After the Show Was Set

Some of the music dates in the show was actually from after the show was set. Examples of these music dates are the Sunglasses At Night by Corey Heart released on 1984 as well as There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths which was 1986. It looks like the show is keeping the music to the early eighties, maybe we can all just low-key call it close enough.

2. Mike’s Millennium Falcon

In the TV series, Mike’s Millennium Falcon does not have the stickers which it originally had. This Millenium Falcon is a re-issued model from the 1990’s. If you look closely the molded plastic engines do not fit in the period that Stranger Things was set. They weren’t making that style of toys then. How would I have played with anything as a kid without molded plastic toys? What did they play with, sticks?

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3. No Mention of Return of the Jedi Movie


One thing that seems to really stick out to fans is how the movie Return of the Jedi was not mentioned even though the movie was released in the summer of 1983. The kids have mentioned The Empire Strikes Back and yet they haven’t seen Return of the Jedi, so that’s a bit weird. Um, wouldn’t they be lined up at the theater to see it? Maybe not with fro-yo covered in cookie dough bits like I like to have when I go to see Star Wars, but I’m sure popcorn existed back then.

4. Conversations That Seem Out of Place

Overall, this show is an amazing series watch, but some fans cannot help but notice a few conversations seem off. For instance, before Nancy went to the party, she asked Barb, “Are you chill?” Then Barb responded back the same way which is not a mid-80’s slang word. The word “chill” was first introduced as slang as “chill out” in 1979. It wasn’t until 1985 though that the word was used by itself. “are you chill?” or “Let’s go chill somewhere.” Tiny slang vocab lesson, now you feel smarter and stuff, right? I do a bit, is that wrong? Haha

5. Grief Counselors, Say What?

Another weird language anachronism about the show involves a school administrator. The administrator mentions a “grief counselors” to help the school children cope up with the said death of a classmate. Back in 1983, there were certainly no “grief counselors”, you were lucky to have a school counselor at all if you were in a small school.

Well, that’s it! Overall this show does pretty good at keeping thing accurate! There are only a few of these anachronisms in Stranger Things that I can find; it’s almost a game t find them! Do you know of any more? Are you enjoying this fab Netflix show? Tell me in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “5 Amazingly Little Anachronisms In Stranger Things That Are Off

  1. I didn’t really notice any of these little missteps, but then again I’m not the kind of person who looks for them. I do love reading about how other fans find easter eggs or anachronisms in shows. Sometimes it’s helpful, other times, it is a bit much. I feel like I might be more aware come season 2.

  2. I love that you studied this enough to find so many things. Most people might notice one or two at most. I would notice the “chill” but that’s about it.

  3. Wow, looks like you’ve done so much observation. I agree in most things but I haven’t realized them until you wrote about them.

  4. I haven’t watched this show but sounds like an interesting one. How come you noticed all of these.

  5. I heard a lot of odd things about stranger things. Now, my interests got more and more on watching it.

  6. It’s so weird that the writers didn’t catch some of those. Now I’ll have to pay more attention when I start to watch Stranger Things.

  7. Wow! You do pay attention to details! I would never have noticed those if you didn’t mention it. I guess it was a lapse in the writer’s research, however, the show is still a good one despite these anachronisms.

  8. I haven’t watched this yet, but I have heard it is really good. When I get ready to start a new series, I might try this one out.

  9. I love stuff like this! I didn’t pick up on these while watching. Now I will pay closer attention.

  10. when the boys call their science teacher to ask about a sensory deprivation tub and he is watching a movie with his date, he had to get up to get the phone. she asks him if she should pause the tv! I dont think so!

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