5 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas Your Friends Will Shriek About

EEK! Get spooky with thes Halloween Party ideas your friends will love.

It’s time to bring on the Halloween party ideas and I could not be more excited! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! The  party games, the spooky decorations, the fun costumes,  I so can’t wait to have my friends over for a party. I’ve picked a few of my favorite ideas that are inexpensive, easy and ready for your Halloween party, check them out!

5 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas Your Friends Will Shriek About

Make Everyone Into Zombies

Zombie Scars! 5 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas Your Friends Will Shriek About

Here’s a fun idea that instantly changes everyone’s costumes. Why not pick up some of these temporary tattoo zombie scars and zombify everyone’s costume! Your friends will look super spooky, and it will be fun seeing what your costume looks like as a zombie. Plus the photos will be hilarious!

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Creepy Snacks


There are so many fun Halloween treat ideas. Sur you could try to make a cake that looks like a brain for a hit, but I am a fan of treats that re quick and easy. These doughnut Vampires are my absolute favorite and come together in almost no time at all. Yum! Need one more hilarious idea? Check out this pumpkin throwing up guacamole, I laughed so hard at this idea that I had to share.


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The Mummy Game


This party game idea is simple and cheap, and will have your friends rolling with laughter. Split everyone into groups of three or four and give each team a pack of toilet paper. Set the timer on your phone, and each team has until the timer goes off to turn one person on their team into a mummy. You can then vote for the best mummy by applause once everyone is finished.

Make Everything Spooky

Bag of Bones! 5 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas Your Friends Will Shriek About

Halloween is one of the few times where you should go absolutely crazy with the decorations, and the spookier the better! One way to add a lot of pop to your party is to take plastic table cloths, shred them, and hang them everywhere. You can then add lots of fake spider webs and suddenly your space is transformed. Then add a few big decorations like this giant bag of bones. This skeleton is going to end up in all the pictures!

Make Your Own Costume Night


Grab together all of the costume pieces you can think of and have your friends do the same. Then a week before your party get together with your haul and create your costumes for the party using pieces from the whole group! If your squad really isn’t planners, you could also do make your own costumes as part of the party itself, nice!

So lovelies do you plan to have a big Halloween Party full of fun ideas? Tell me which ideas you like in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “5 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas Your Friends Will Shriek About

  1. Those are the creepiest doughnuts that I have ever seen! They would scare me looking at them. But, as big of a fan as I am of doughnuts, I would get over it pretty quickly.

  2. How cute and adorable are these party ideas! Those fake stitches are a lot of fun and I also love the creepy snacks! It’s perfect for a scary movie night with friends as well.

  3. These are fun ideas. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Halloween already. It’s creeping up fast!

  4. These ideas look so fun! I want to have that temporary tattoo, I will look for it.

  5. I am so excited for the Halloween. Last year, my son had a Batman costume, now I think a zombie costume is cute for him.

  6. I can’t believe that Halloween is just a month away from us. I am so excited, these ideas are so cool.

  7. Halloween is such a fun period of the year and these are some wonderful party ideas to make the best use of it. I love those Creepy Snack ideas, the doughnuts are amazing and I am in love with that Pumpkin stuff as well!

  8. my whole family loves zombie movies! so the first zombie idea would be a perfect fit for us!

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