Magical Cinderella Party Games for Toddlers

Planning an enchanting birthday party for your tot? Play some of these truly magical Cinderella party games for toddlers to make the day even more special!

Are you throwing a Cinderella party for the toddler in your life? In addition to the cake and décor, you’ll need to start planning  Cinderella party games for this themed party. After all, you can’t throw a bash for tots without some great activities to keep them busy! Chaos will ensue!  Not sure where to start? Here are some fun Cinderella party games that are perfect for toddlers.

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Cinderella Party Games for Toddlers

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Pin the Shoe on Cinderella
Disney Cinderella Party Game:Cinderella Party Games for Toddlers

This is a fun party game that toddlers will definitely enjoy! To play this game, you’ll need a poster of Cinderella, as well as some shoe cut outs. Or, you can just buy the entire set already made from Birthday Express. Each toddler will need to take a turn trying to “pin” the shoe on Cinderella. To do this, blindfold the toddler and gently spin them in a few circles. Give them the shoe with double sided tape on the back and point them in the right direction. The toddler who pins the shoe closest to Cinderella’s foot is the winner!

Guess the Fairy Godmother

Guess the Fairy Godmother is a Cinderella party game that will have the partygoers laughing away. To play this game, you need only one prop – a fairy wand, like the one from the Cinderella Movie: Fairy Godmother Combs Enchanted Wand Kit! Ask for one toddler volunteer to be Cinderella and step into another room briefly. Once the toddler is out of sight, you need to hand the fairy wand to one of the toddlers. Instruct all of the toddlers to hide their hands behind their back. Once the wand is out of sight, you can invite Cinderella back into the room. That toddler will then need to try to guess who has the wand.

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Find the Missing Slipper
Disney Cinderella Kids Sparkle Shoes Cinderella Party Games for Toddlers
Are you ready for a scavenger hunt? Gather the toddlers around the show them Cinderella’s slipper. The slipper can be any pair of shoes, but try to stick with something “Princess-y” like high heel shoes. After you show the toddlers the one shoe, let them know that the match is hiding somewhere around the house. They’ll have a blast racing around the house trying to find Cinderella’s other shoe.

Bippity Boppity, Bippity Boppity, Boo

Here’s a Cinderella party game that will help your partygoers work off some energy. Instead of playing the game, Duck, Duck, Goose! play a round of Bippity Boppity, Bippity Boppity, Boo! To play this game, all of the toddlers will need to sit in a circle with one toddler being the fairy godmother. The fairy godmother will then walk around the circle, touching each head and saying, “Bippity boppity, bippity boppity.” When the fairy godmother shouts, “BOO!” then that toddler will need to stand up and chase the fairy godmother around the circle. The fairy godmother needs to make it all the way around the circle and sit in the open seat to win.


What are some of your favorite Cinderella party games for toddlers? Share in the comments!
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