Lego Party Games For a 6th Birthday Party

Planning a LEGO-themed 6th birthday party for your child? Check out our favorite LEGO party games for 6 year olds that will be a huge hit among the crowd!

Just about everyone loves Legos!

They even made a hit movie about the classic toy: Lego Movie!

So what child would not like to have a Lego party or be invited to one?

I have compiled a list below to get you started on planning some Lego party games for 6-year-olds and their friends!

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Lego Party Games For 6 Year Olds

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GAME1: Pick up Legos:

A fun game for all ages really!

  • You need 2 bowls for each child, one with Legos and one empty.
  • You also need a pair of chopsticks for each guest.
  • Set a timer, and see how many Lego blocks they can get from one bowl to the next before the timer goes off. 


  • Don’t forget to download Our Party Games Printable HERE

GAME 2: Lego relay:

  • Legos and plastic spoons are all you need one of our favorite Lego party games for 6 year olds!
  • Break the kids up into teams of 2 and across from each other in 2 lines.
  •  They need to bring the spoon and the Lego piece to their partner without dropping it.
  • If one of the team members drops it, they sit out until there is one team standing. 


GAME 3: Lego car races:

This is so simple to set up and will keep them busy for a while!

There are 2 options for this one.

Option 1

  •  Take a folding table and only open one side of the legs.
  • Using black electrical tape, make some lanes.  Voila!

Option 2

  • USE pool noodles and cut them in half the long way.
  • Setting one end of them up on a table, will make them have a good decline for the race down.
  • You can set a piece of tape up on the floor and see who goes past the tape.
  • Also, they can spend some time before the race building their cars!

And what a cool take home from the party.

GAME 4: Spell LEGO:

  • Using cardstock or construction paper in primary Lego colors (or whatever colors you want) cut them into rectangles and then draw 6 circles on one side (now it looks like a Lego brick!)
  • On the other side write one letter on each Lego.
  • You can use different letters to mix it up, or you can just keep using LEGO over and over.
  • You can either tape these to a wall or a big piece of cardboard.
  • Break the kids up into teams, either 2 teams or 3.
  •  Each team takes a turn and the first team to spell the word Lego wins!

Get ready to gather what you already have at home to get these games started and then head to the store for what you need!

Has your child already attended a Lego themed party and come home raving about it?

 Maybe you have already planned one and want to share your ideas with the rest of us.  

Post below the Lego party games for 6 year olds that you came up with!

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22 thoughts on “Lego Party Games For a 6th Birthday Party

  1. Last year we went to lego kids fest and got some really great ideas.
    They do a “master build” and have a bunch of lego on a table and you are given 3 min to build whatever they shout out ex. a throne. The best one won!
    Mini figures are a great “thanks for playing” prize too and they are uber cheap.
    I made a lego cake 2 years ago for my son for his birthday.
    Can you tell we are lego fans?

  2. LEGOS are so fun, even myself at 32 still likes playing with them. Always have them out when the nieces come over and they enjoy building high towers.

  3. Love these ideas! My nephews (ages 4, 6 and 7) are obsessed with LEGOs! I’ll have to share these with my sister and sister-in-law in case they want to go with a LEGO themed party. Thanks for sharing!

  4. All good ideas. My son’s school has a Lego club. We haven’t joined though because of the bad weather.

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