6 Awesome Party Game Ideas for Little Boys

Planning birthday parties for boys is such a blast, especially with these great party game ideas for little boys. We've included a mix of indoor games and outdoor fun.

Planning party game ideas for little boys is always a blast! With so many cool possibilities, it’s easy to come up with exciting ideas no matter what time of year it is. While some of these ideas are best played outside, many are great indoors. Check out our favorite party game ideas for little boys and start planning your son’s big birthday bash!

Party game ideas for little boys

1- Bicycle/Tricycle Obstacle Course

This is one of the only party game ideas for little boys on our list that really works best outdoors, unless you happen to have a large basement. For boys aged two and up, a great game idea is to set up an obstacle course for bicycles or tricycles. Instruct guests to bring their own wheels. Use traffic cones and other items you have around your place as obstacles. Let the boys take some time to create flags, streamers, or other decorations for their bikes.

2- Toilet Paper Mummy Wrap

  Party Games Ideas for Little Boys| Find out how this simple household necessity becomes the base for a super cool party game for boys!  Divide boys into two teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Choose one “mummy” for each team then have each team race to wrap their mummy. The first team to use up their roll of toilet paper is the winner.  

3- Bubble Wrap Relays

  Buy a large roll of bubble wrap. Unroll and lay out a section then have the boys take turns running across it barefoot. The object is to not pop any bubbles.  

4- Balloon Pop Game

 Here’s a game that is great for rowdy little boys! Write challenges on slips of paper then put each slip into a balloon before blowing up the balloon. Challenges can be silly physical feats like licking your nose or elbow or saying “pterodactyl” without smiling or they can be age-appropriate trivia questions. Play music and while the music is going, the boys bop the balloon in the air. When the music stops, the last to touch the balloon pops it then completes the challenge. Continue until all balloons are popped or the boys are ready for the next game.    




 5- Fishing Pond

  Use a dowel rod and string to make a fishing rod. Tie a wooden or plastic “hook” or peg to the end of the string. Next tie a string between two trees or poles at head high level of your tallest party guest. Throw a sheet over the string — this will be the pond. On the other side of the pond have a helper sit out of sight with a number of small toys or treats. As party guests take turns “fishing,” the helper will attach a gift to the fishing rod’s hook or peg.  

6- Like a Dinosaur

  Party games for little boys   If you have rowdy little boys that are full of energy, this game is great for exerting some of that energy and wearing them down. Instruct the boys to do actions “like a dinosaur” such as growling like a dinosaur, stomping like a dinosaur, roaring like a dinosaur, and so on. When you want the game to start winding down, come up with calmer and quieter things to do like a dinosaur like sleeping, sitting, or whispering.   Try a few of these fun party game ideas for little boys at your little man’s party and be ready to enjoy the fun along with the young men.   Need more great party ideas? Check out our Pinterest board! It’s loaded with fun games to keep your guests entertained!     Do you have any favorite party game ideas for little boys? Tell us in the comments!  

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  1. I love these suggestions. I personally have a hard time with planning games, but I love the toilet paper mummy idea.

  2. I have all boys and am always looking for new ideas. Great list.

  3. I love the Balloon Pop idea. It could go with almost any theme! In fact, I’m thinking it might be a good activity for the group of teenagers I often work with :-).

  4. Time to show some social media love for these wonderful ideas! My l’il guys are all too old now. But fingers are crossed for Grand babies!

  5. Oh I want to play the Balloon pop game lol! We did something similar to that for my nephews birthday which was on halloween, we put little prizes in the balloons and let the kids pop them!

  6. I love the idea of Bubble Wrap play, How much fun would it be to run across bubble wrap.

  7. My nephew would love something like the balloon pop game. Shoot…I would love to play it too.

  8. that mummy wrap looks really fun. i would actually like doing that with my daughters.

  9. These are great games for boys They would give them many ways to get that exuberant energy out.

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