Who Came Back? Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 7 “Original G‘A’nsters”

See the full Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 7 Original G‘a’nsters. This week' has a new Mary Drake twist plus Jason returns!

Are you ready for another juicy recap of Pretty Little Liars? Well, it seems that this season 7 is all about familiar faces coming back into town and episode 7 (titled Original G ‘A’ Ngsters) was no exception. So, who has returned to Rosewood this time? None other than Jason DiLaurentis. He isn’t the only one who has returned to Rosewood, though. Emily’s mom, Pam, is in town to celebrate her birthday with her daughter. Plus in last week’s episode six Ezra and Aria got engaged, so we should see some wedding planning this week! Let’s get this PLL recap started!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: What happened?

In the opening of episode 7, the Liars are at the Radley eating brunch, celebrate Aria’s engagement and Spencer gives each of them a name bracelet. Alison receives a note from AD stating they know the Liars are Elliot’s killer. Just as she reads the note, some police officers arrive and immediately head upstairs. Emily finds out that Sara Harvey is dead and tells the others. Of course, Jenna is visibly upset. I would be too!!

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Emily tells the Liars that Sara tried to warn her about someone, but it wasn’t Jenna. However, the Liars think they need to steal Jenna’s laptop since she did have the file on her computer labeled Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Later, Spencer sees Toby and Jenna talking at The Brew and she confront Toby after Jenna leaves. She tells him that Jenna is telling everyone she is back in town to celebrate Toby’s engagement, but Toby informs her that is not the case and Jenna is in town looking for Toby’s forgiveness. Suddenly, Toby gets a call requesting police at his home, and he bolts out the door.

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Alison and Mary Drake are in Alison’s old room when Jason comes home, happy to see Alison. He informs Mary that he has been appointed the guardian of Alison by the court and orders Mary off the property. Alison and Jason get into a confrontation over Jason not being in her life as well as the situation with Mary and Elliot.


Hanna informs Spencer that she stole a keycard from her mother so they could get into Sara and Jenna’s rooms. Hanna decides to check out the rooms alone and discovers a case under Sara’s bed, but is interrupted by Caleb, who has been hired as hotel security. Hanna tells Caleb her plans, and he agrees to help her secretly. He pretends to be a massage therapist, offering Jenna a massage and allowing him the chance to rummage through her purse.

Also, Ezra and Aria meet with a wedding planner, and he becomes overwhelmed with all the planning that he suggests the two just elope, something Aria says she will think about. Then, she receives a text message from Jason, asking to meet. The two meet for coffee, and she tells him she and Ezra are engaged. Aria asks Jason if he has told anyone about their secret and both agree to keep their secret to themselves. Wow! I didn’t see that one coming. Is Aria sleeping with Jason while she is engaged to Ezra? Jason tells Aria that the Carissimi non-profit had been depleted of their funds, meaning that Elliot stole the money from the business, and he thinks Mary Drake is also involved.


Caleb steals the key to the case from Jenna and gives it to Spencer and Hanna. When they open the case, they discover it is filled with papers. As they are taking pictures of the contents of the box, they hide when someone suddenly comes into the room. We don’t see who the person is, but whoever it opens the box and puts in a folder that seems to be a patient file for Mary Drake. Later, it is revealed the person was Noel Kahn. Noel then calls Dr. Cochran and is upset, telling him his patience is running out.

Later, Hanna and Caleb go through the papers in the box, discovering some of them show the DNA markup of Mary Drake. Meanwhile, Alison and Jason have dinner with Mary and Aria as well, who is invited by Jason.

Yvonne is at the hospital after she was slightly injured after someone broke into their home. It seems someone was after the Mary Drake file since it was stolen. Spencer tells Toby that he and Yvonne need to leave town for their own safety.

Aria and Jason confront Mary about the stolen money from Carissimi. Mary tells Jason and Alison that Jessica would not let her see them when they were younger. She also informs them that she was staying as a guest in Aunt Carol’s house when Jason was in search of a hiding place. In a flashback, Jessica tells Mary that Charles is dead but refuses to say how he died. She tells Mary to leave and never come back.

Caleb and Hanna are still looking through the papers they found in the case and Hanna finally tells him that she and Jordan are no longer together.

Toby tells Spencer that he was actually building the house for her but realized that he can’t live without Yvonne. He tells her that he and Yvonne are moving to Maine where she has family. Spencer is upset that Toby wants to leave town.


Alison, Spencer, Hanna and Emily go to Aunt Carol’s house and check out the cellar where they find out that Mary Drake had another child that is about their age. They also discover pictures of the Liars all over the cellar. Suddenly, Spencer’s car alarm goes off and she discovers her car keys had just been stolen. Then, the cellar door closes and a timer starts to count down. When it hits zero, an explosion occurs at the same time the Liars get a message from AD stating they will die if they find out who AD really is before AD finds out who killed Charlotte. The Liars then spot a hooded person writing on the back windshield of the car, saying I See You.

Aria decides to elope with Ezra and they are ready to leave on their adventure when the FBI shows up and tells them that Nicole may not be dead after all. Well, now the plot thickens. Where has Nicole been all this time if she is alive?

Ohh that just gave me chills! I can barely wait for next week’s Pretty Little Liar’s episode, and I had to go check out the preview for season 7 episode 7.

So lovelies, what did you think of this week’s Pretty Little Liars Recap of Season 7 Episode 7? I can’t wait to see Aria’s wedding, and what about this other kid that Charlotte/Mary Drake had? Tell me what you think down in the comments!

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