Hanna Gets Dangerous! Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 & 9 Recap

Pretty Little Liars fans saw Hanna go down a dangerous path in the Season 7 episode 8 and 9 recap of "Exes and OMGS" and "The Wrath of Kahn." Plus one of the Liars was caught in bed with who? Catch the details of both episodes now!

Ok Liars, this week we are crushing the Pretty little Liars Season 7 episode 9 and episode 8 recap into one giant super recap. You know you needed a refresher because not only was episode 9 lit, and the summer finale is getting juicy. Episode 8 kept a few things moving and gave me an important theory idea about the summer finale that I wouldn’t have figured out from last week’s episode 7. The real action is happening in episode 9. Is Hanna starting to go a bit crazy with her plan? Plus who ends up in bed together #sorrynotsorry. Check out the full recap right now to find out!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

This week, we will recap last week’s episode 8 Exes and OMG’s and this week’s episode 9 The Wrath of Kahn. The episode was a little slower moving, but there were a couple important things in this  filler episode. Of somewhat importance, Hanna totally flipped out and was somewhere making a farewell video in case she dies.


Also, Carla Grunwald warns Caleb and Hanna of danger that is coming to them. (So, here is how I translated that whole thing…Caleb will likely die in the mid-season finale. Thoughts anyone else?). We also saw Paige return to Rosewood and applied for a job at Rosewood High School for a position as a swim coach. (If you don’t remember who Paige is, she was Emily’s girlfriend for a while. Paige left in Season 5). Do you think Paige and Emily might get back together? Alison returned to her teaching job at Rosewood High School too. Now, on to this week’s episode.

So, while Pretty Little Liar’s episode 8  was a little slower moving, it was totally made up for in the season 7 episode 9 recap. Why you ask? Well, we learned a big secret about Jason and Aria. But, let’s start from the beginning and we will then be ready for the summer finale next week!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

So, the show opens with Emily, Spencer and Aria worried about why Hanna suddenly took off to New York. Later, Marco tells Spencer that Elliott’s case is not in his jurisdiction since he fled to France. Since there is no longer a conflict of interest between them, he asks her on a date. Naturally, she declines because it is too soon after her breakup with Caleb.

Later, Spencer stumbles upon Noel’s address and suddenly realizes that is the same area that Hanna was held captive. Spencer and Emily break into Noel’s cabin and find a USB drive containing a video from when they were in the Doll House. (WOW! So Noah was obviously part of their torture routine!)

Emily showed up at the high school for her interview for the swim coach position. Yes, the same job that her ex-girlfriend applied for. Paige gave Emily a huge confidence boost encouraging her to go for the job.


When Jason asks Aria about the fire at his aunt’s house, she tells him about the paperwork they discovered in the basement about Mary’s second adoption. Jason and Aria head to the courthouse to try and get county documents. Then, we see a flashback of Jason and Aria in bed together! (And there is your big secret for the night!)


Later, Spencer left Marco a message that she wanted him to come over because she needed his help with something. Suddenly, there is a nasty storm that breaks a window,  and Spencer sees someone with a hood outside. Then, Marco shows up at her door, she realizes the USB drive is missing but Marco doesn’t find anyone around the house.

Aria told Jason about the whole Nicole thing that is going on and he tells her that she and Aria belong together.


Meanwhile, Hanna is spying on Noel as he throws a bag of trash away. She takes this opportunity to dig through the trash and she finds Sara’s smashed cell phone. Then, Hanna concocts a plan to drug Noel for a few hours. However, when she meets him at the bar, he is suspicious of drinking his beer, fearing she slipped something in his drink, which she did. Noel asks her to take a sip of the beer and when she refused, he told her, “Be careful, Hanna, or you’ll end up just like Sara.” And he grabbed Sara’s cell phone back from Hanna after Hanna told him she knew he killed Sara.

Emily leaves a voicemail for Hanna telling her that Noel is dangerous and she was right about him. Then, Emily calls Paige and asks her to come over so she could tell her about Noel.

Later, Aria gets a message from Ezra that he is coming home tomorrow because he discovered that Nicole was not one of the hostages. Meanwhile, Jason receives a fax about the adoption file. Most of it was edited out except for the name of Noel’s dad who was listed as the judge, leading Jason to believe that Noel’s dad may have been the one who adopted Mary’s baby. (Woah…talk about a huge plot twist here!) The episode ends when Noel is knocked out by Hanna!


Ohh the summer finale is on its way, and thankfully episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars is the recap we needed tp ramp us back up for the finale. Check out the sneak peek at next week’s episode!


So Liars, what did you think about the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 and 9 recap this week? What do you think will happen to Caleb in the summer finale, is my theory right? Has Ali gone off the deep end with the crazy yet? Plus there is the new development with Jason and Aria and the stuff with Paige and Emily, will they get back together? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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