7 Glamorous Summer Nails That You Have To Try

Buh-bye winter, bring on the sun! Get your mani ready for the beach with these glamorous summer nails. I'm so ready for summer colors!

At some point summer will be here, and I want my summer nails to look fabulous. Buh-bye winter and see you later spring ! I gotta start planning my hot summer nails now. I can almost feel the sunshine, hear the waves and check out the cute guys from here! Need some summer color inspiration? This summer nails will make your mani look hot! Go check these mani looks out!

7 Glamorous Summer Nails That You Have To Try

Aqua Fun


Summer means fun colors! This fuchsia and light aqua combination is just dying to hang out poolside with a floppy hat, my friends and a quiz from my favorite magazines.

Watermelon Crush


I’m having a total nail crush on this adorable watermelon nail design. I love the idea using paler colors, so pretty! The middle nail being a transition nail between the green rind and the pink melon is fab idea! Make sure you click to see the video for this design!

Polka Dots


Do you know what always says fun to me? Polka dots! Summer hits and both my beach bag and my cell case are suddenly sporting fun polka dots. Polka dots on my nails are next on my list!

Pink Sparkle


If you have followed my nail posts, you may have noticed I’m a bit of a fan of sparkles. This pale pink design with sparkly stripes and a star accent is completely gorgeous. XOXO

Bright Ombre


Summer is the time to show off those super bright colors. Have a bit of fun with your polish with this awesome ombre. I especially love the aqua/green/yellow combo, but this would also look hot with a pink/orange/fuchsia ombre. Love!

Ice Cream Nails


I adore these fun ice cream nails. When you step back the design feels almost a little abstract, until you catch that dripping chocolate. Don’t forget the sprinkles on this treat!

Mixed Prints


Take your favorite patterns and mix them with your fav summer nailpolish shades. Voila, this design totally works. This design is seriously fun!

Which of these summer nails catches your eye? Tell me which nail art you would try in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “7 Glamorous Summer Nails That You Have To Try

  1. I always have designs on my nails, so I will definitely have to try a few of these this summer.

  2. So much more fun than the standard one color and super fun for teens! Will share this one. 🙂

  3. These are all great designs. I really like the ice cream nails and the bright ombre.

  4. The ice cream nails are creepy to me but I really like the polka dots ones. They’re fun and look easy enough to do.

  5. I think my favorite are the Mixed prints. But I’m a glitter lover, not going to lie! What a fun post!

  6. All of these nail designs look like so much fun! I will have to keep them in mind during my next trip to the salon.

  7. I love how fun the designs are! I’d love to have polka dot nails like that, but with my luck, I’d end up looking like a clown! 🙂 I may get bold and try it one of these days!

  8. I am in love with Pink Sparkle! I may request them next time I get my nails done.

  9. I need to get more creative with my nails, loving all of these ideas. With Summer coming, flip flops are a must which means painted toenails are a must too!

  10. I really love all the designs you can do on your nails. I’ve never done them professionally but want to.

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