How To Recreate All Of The Pretty Little Liars Makeup Looks

Each of the Pretty Little Liars makeup looks are so different. Check out these tutorials and snag their style! Is your makeup more Spencer or a Hanna?

Pretty Little Liars makeup is worth repeating with the signature smoky eyes. If you look closely at the characters, they all do have pretty distinct looks, and that totally plays into their makeup. Since I’m having Pretty Little Liars withdraw with the season over, I decided to give some of these makeup tutorials a try. If I can’t watch the show, I can at least rock the PLL style! Check out some of these fab Pretty Little Liars makeup tutorials and give them a try!

How To Recreate All Of The Pretty Little Liars Makeup Looks


Aria’s look is on the dark side with a smokier eye that is totally the signature look for Pretty Little Liars. Pretty much all the girls do a smoky eye well. Aria’s look, in particular, shows a more intense eye that still could be rocked every day if you like a more intense makeup look for daytime. The rest of her face tends to be light and airy, which keeps this look all about your skin and your eyes. The lip look is downplayed in this video with a simple pink stain. This vid also includes a hair tutorial so you can also do Aria’s curls!


This tutorial is Hanna’s edgier look that she rocks later on in the series. Hanna has started rocking some bolder lip colors along wither smoky eyes which make for a striking look. She has always rocked a brighter blush shade then some of the other girls, which is a nice look for spring and summer. Hanna also keeps her brows pretty natural, which makes this a great look for me! Bold color and natural brows, I’m in! You can get her look too. I love this tutorial!


This video does a great job of showing you how to get that perfect daytime smoky eye that Spencer rocks so well. I know I sometimes want to glam up my daytime look, and this is a great option. I also like this look as an option for summer when you may want a brighter eye look, but still want some drama.


Emily usually has a more natural look. Natural looks while they seem simple, are not always easy to achieve. I also especially like that this simple version of Emily’s look includes ELF products, which are always at a total accessible price point. (Shhh many of the ELF makeup products are also rumored to be dupes for higher end beauty products! Our secret!)

I’ve also included a video tutorial of Emily’s prom look. I know I have trouble getting a deep smoky eye sometimes, especially a more intense version for a special event. This tutorial is amazing, and I love how intense the eye makeup is when she uses the liquid eyeliner.


Mona can rock the smokey eye just like the rest of the PLL girls. Where her makeup shines is her lips! OMG, can I just clone her pretty lips? They are so full and gorgeous! Check out this tutorial that will totally help you get Mona’s signature pout.

All Of The Liars

So just in case you didn’t get enough in the makeup tutorials above, I’ve also included one last tutorial. This video showcases all four of the main liars (sorry Mona!) and their different looks. I find it can make it is can help a lot when you have all the looks lined up to figure out which PLL character is most like you.  Plus, this makeup guru includes some of my fav NARS products, so you really can’t go wrong.

So lovelies, which Pretty Little Liars makeup tutorial will you be giving a try? Tell me your favorite look in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is the coolest thing ever. I love Aria’s look and have always wanted to recreate it. SO cool. Thanks for sharing

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  3. I love this post! Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite shows. I think they all look wonderful with their makeup. They all have their own unique styles too.

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