7 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Instagram Pictures To Make You A Little Jealous

Taylor Swift’s Best Instagram pictures have taken Instagram and other social media by storm. Don’t believe me? You must not be on Instagram because Taylor has a cool 64.8 million followers and over 850 posts. I am also a fan of her feed and have gathered some of her best pics together all in one place! It was soooo hard to choose since there are lots of them, and so many that are funny or just beautiful. The stats that I noted about the likes or comments can change, but most of them aren’t going to be changing by thousands of likes at a time since they’re past pics. Ready for a trip down memory lane? Here are some of Taylor Swift’s Best Instagram pictures!

7 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Instagram Pictures To Make You A Little Jealous

Standing Out In A Crowd


January 18, 2015- “I didn’t get the ‘let’s all wear black’ memo.” Tagged in photo: @gigihadid, @karliekloss, @marhunt and @ashavignone. The photo shows everyone dressed in black, except Swift, who donned an ivory dress. The post received 1.4 million likes and 21,293 comments.

Sweeping The Billboard Music Awards Winning 8 Awards


May 19, 2015- “Last night was a dream sequence. I never forget that you’re the reason my life is like this. Thank you for all of it.” The photo shows Swift, holding a few of the awards she won that night at the Billboard Music Awards. She won a total of 8 awards that night, including the fan-voted Billboard Chart Achievement Award. The post got 1.8 million likes and 26,420 comments.

Fuzzy Koala Vacay Snuggles


December 3, 2015- “Thank you to the Australian Wildlife Conservation Fund for letting us hang out with Willy. WE LOVE HIM and will miss him terribly.” The photo was taken during a week-long vacation in which Swift brought along not only her mom, Andrea and her brother, Austin but the 125 crew members of her 1989 Tour. She rented out Hamilton Island in Australia for the week. The post garnered 1.6 million likes and 15,546 comments.

Birthday Bash


December 13, 2014- “So this is being 25…#WHAT…#bestbirthdayEVER.” The party was held at Swift’s Tribeca apartment. The party featured many of Swift’s closest friends including Selena Gomez, Jaime King, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake. The post received 1.4 million likes and 89,616 comments.

Almost Karaoke Night


November 27, 2013- “OHHHHHH! LIVIN ON A PRAYERRRRR!” Swift sang along with Bon Jovi and Prince William at the Winter Whites Gala. The gala was held at Kensington Palace and raises money for Centrepoint Charity, for homeless youth. The post garnered 568,000 likes and 13,708 comments.



November 25, 2012- “Just got to my dressing room. @TheTodayShow clearly understands me.” Swift was a guest on The Today Show in Sydney, Australia, where she performed her songs Red, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and I Knew You Were Trouble. The post received 678,000 likes and 26,173 comments.

Princess Of The Ball


December 10, 2011- “Headed to the Nashville Symphony Ball= Ball gown time!” The Nashville Symphony Ball was held at the Schermerhorn Center, where Swift was presented with the Harmony Award. She wore a 2012 Reem Acra spring gown to the event and looked stunning. The post got 255,000 likes and 14,011 comments.

There are many more of Taylor Swift’s best Instagram pictures. These pics TBH are only a few of my favs. Do you have a fav Taylor Swift Instagram pick? Make sure to tell me about it!

*Images via Wikia

12 thoughts on “7 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Instagram Pictures To Make You A Little Jealous

  1. Taylor Swift is a class ask and I like her a lot. I don’t follow her on Instagram but I will be know. Thanks for sharing her awesome photos.

  2. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite celebrities. She comes across so real, and I wouldn’t mind my daughter being a fan of hers. (That’s hard to say about a lot of celebs these days!)

  3. I cant help it I just love her. She has the best Instagram and social media presence!

  4. My daughter loves Taylor Swift!! I think she would love all these, I love how real Swift is with her fans in her social media postings.

  5. In college, I was on the Student Entertainment Board. Many celebrities had some interesting requests and we had to fill them, on top of their fee to just do a show… so Yeah, I’m sure Taylor has a request for those gummy worms… lol

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