Did The Pack Escape Eichen House? Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 Recap “Lie Ability”

Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

Catch all the action last night with our Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 recap. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat! Will Lydia make it out of Eichen House alive? What else can we find out about “The Beast?” Will Stiles and Theo be able to continue to work together to save Lydia?

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 Recap “Lie Ability”

We start out Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 Recap of “Lie Ability” right where the episode “Amplification”  left off. Everyone is still locked in Eichen House trying to save Lydia. Parrish is in hellhound form and attacks Theo’s pack. Meanwhile, the doctor takes Lydia away but forcing Stiles to both follow them and to team up with Theo since he has the senses to find her. Liam tells Hayden about Theo wanting to take The Beast’s power and is trying to convince her to switch packs in a flashback scene that takes place after the two of them apparently got it on. It is obvious that now Hayden is considering leaving Deucalion as she stares at the talons.

Scott and Liam are still trying to get through the mountain ash barrier to find Meredith. Kira’s electricity is out of control while stuck in a room with Malia.

Theo catches up with Stiles and tells him that he has her scent, and he can help find Lydia. Meredith snaps out of her weird trance long enough to help Scott and Liam to find her. Meredith without speaking tells Scott to look inside her head with the Alpha claws. Once he’s inside her head, he sees Lydia and Meredith explains that Valack is using her to find out who The Beast is. Outside the room, we see Liam fight off the Eichen House staff members. Inside Meredith’s head, Scott and Meredith talk about how long Lydia has left before she dies. Meredith tells Scott to find Parrish. “Find the hellhound and he will find the banshee” because they have a connection. Awwww, romance. I’m glad we finally have a way to find Lydia and Meredith has been helpful.

Josh helps Kira get her electricity under control. Josh strikes a deal with Malia for her to help Corey, who is still badly burned, in exchange for helping Kira. Malia takes away some of Corey’s pain so he can finally heal himself up a bit. I was happy to see these guys compromise, and someone finally helps Corey.

Stiles and Theo continue to search for Lydia down in the basement, and they hear her scream. OMG is her scream everywhere? Stiles and Theo finally throw down a bit about Theo murdering his own sister, but the fight we’ve been waiting for is cut short when Lydia screams again. The doctor has Lydia tied up to a chair and focusing on listening. He explains to Lydia why he wants her help; he wants her to help him take down the Dread Doctors for screwing him over. He’s torturing her almost as much with the story as the mask. He thinks if he puts one of the Dread Doctor masks on her she will be able to see who The Beast is. The last time a mask went on someone other then The Dread Doctors, that person died, so this isn’t looking good. We also learn that The Beast is an engineered version of the original Beast. This original Beast is linked to a teenager, and their identity is what the doctor needs from Lydia.

Scott and Liam find Parrish and decide to go with plan B, which involves Mason, who is outside the walls of Eichen House. Mason is going to shut down all of the power so everyone can get out. Mason has trouble getting to the power supply because of a giant wall, so he calls Hayden for help. We hear Lydia scream, and she ends up killing the doctor. Her scream also lets Stiles and Theo know where she is, and they find her.

Parrish leads Scott and Liam to Stiles and Lydia in his hellhound form and protects them from one of her screams. Mason and Hayden finally manage to shut down all the power, and everyone gets out. Tracy, one of Theo’s pack members, tries to take Lydia, but Lydia’s mother Natalie shows up and saves them. Natalie tells Scott and Stiles to get Lydia out of there now!

We end this Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 recap with Scott and Stiles bringing Lydia to the clinic, to Deaton. They get her to him just in time to barely save her life as Deaton shoots mistletoe into her brain. Ahhhh, was anyone else freaked out about that? Lydia lets out this huge scream that breaks all of the windows, but then finally takes a breath and we all know she’s going to be ok.


That Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 recap was so intense, was there any moments that had you screaming at the tv? Sound off in the comments!

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