Can We Save Lydia? Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 Recap “Amplification”

Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

Last night Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 Recap “Amplification” had a clear goal, to save Lydia from Eichen House. Will the gang be able to free her from her frenemy and the crazy asylum holding her? Lydia it looks like is headed towards certain death, but not before we experiment on her like some warped banshee version of Frankenstein. Check out the Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 Recap below for all the details.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 Recap “Amplification”

In the episode “Amplification” of the hit supernatural tv series Teen Wolf, starts with The Beast in the middle of the road being chased by Scott, Stiles, and the police running straight towards the hospital just to keep things intense. There Scott’s mother Melissa evacuates the whole hospital just in time for the boys and the sheriff to show up. They then find Parrish and The Beast, who has taken human form and disappeared. Deaton shows Scott and Stiles photos of experiments that happen in Eichen House. If they don’t get Lydia out now, these experiments will happen to her too. Lydia is in even more trouble than we thought!

The Pack gathers to plan how they are getting Lydia out. Kira practices her electricity with Malia, so when it comes time to get Lydia out she can do her part. One of Theo’s pack members overhears them talking about getting Lydia out of Eichen House. Stiles talks with Parrish about him helping them and he agrees he’ll do anything he can to help. Theo approaches Scott and Stiles and tells them that he can help get Lydia out, or he can take her himself.

The Sheriff confronts Lydia’s mother Natalie and shows her the same photos Deaton showed the boys. The plan is in motion, Malia and Kira enter first and head to the electrical room. Scott, Stiles, and Liam sneak into Eichen House in body bags which are regularly shipped to the asylum. Is this similar to sneaking out of somewhere on the laundry truck but way creepier? Kira uses her electricity to reboot the power at Eichen House. Theo and his pack arrive and kill the security around the building.

Hayden is back in the Dread Doctors lair guarding Deucalion. We learn from Hayden more about Theo’s plan and that if Theo goes through with the plan, he’ll die which is an interesting twist. Stiles goes to Lydia’s room and tries to get her out, but she tells him they will all die if they don’t leave and begs him to leave. He also notices that they already started experimenting on her by drilling in her head, ahhhhh! 

Scott and Liam take down the Eichen House guards and try and find Stiles. Lydia’s mother who we learn is named Natalie Martin finally wakes up and notices that something is wrong with people drilling holes in her daughter’s head. Phew, thanks for waking up mom. Stiles hides while the doctor goes into Lydia’s room. He overhears Lydia tell the doctor about someone coming to get her, but it isn’t Scott. Theo and his pack arrive along with Parrish, who is in his Hellhound form. The episode ends with Theo telling the doctor he doesn’t want Lydia, he wants the Hellhound and all of them getting locked in Eichen House. OMG, did they have to end it here!

So do you think the team will escape Eichen House? Did we miss anything with ourTeen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 recap? Tell us in the comments!

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