Completely Awesome Theme Ideas For A Sweet 16 Party

Are you searching for completely awesome theme ideas for a Sweet 16 Party? You've come to the right place lovely! I have a fab list of theme ideas for you!

Have you been searching for completely awesome theme ideas for a Sweet 16 Party? You’ve come to the right place lovely! See it wasn’t long ago that I was helping my bestie plan her Sweet 16 Party. We came up with so many fab party ideas and were laughing so hard. I had to write about it! Here are some of our best theme ideas for a Sweet 16 party.

Completely Awesome Theme Ideas For A Sweet 16 Party

Beach Theme Party

Throw a Beach Themed Party by wearing bathing suits, t-shirts, and flip flops. You can also try a Hawaiian beach theme as well with tiki torches and Hawaiian flowers. Decorate with a tiki bar, grass skirts around your tables, beach pails with fun things inside them, shovels, lots of sand, shells and anything else you might have from a trip to the beach. Make some of your favorite beach picnic or cookout food like little sandwiches, cold salads, watermelon or throw some burgers on the BBQ. Pass out party favors like beach bags full of flip flops, candy, flower necklaces and.

Diamonds and Denim Theme Party

Have everyone dress up in their favorite jeans or denim and any diamond (or you know, cubic!) jewelry. Decorate with things that shine or have a lot of bling around. Passing out oversized rings for people to wear is a great idea especially at the beginning of the party. Have drinks ready to grab with a lot of fizz, the color blue or even clear. To add more fun, add strobe lights and with the right party music and the place will look amazing!

Glow Party

Glow parties are extremely fun and creative. Pass out glow necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other glow items for your guests to wear. Use black lights instead of regular lights and have everyone wear white or neon colors. You can even order glow glasses for people to drink out of, or facepaint that glows. This party is going to be seriously fun. There are so many different types of Glow In The Dark Party items you can add, so choose your favs for your friends!

Fairytale Theme Party–6nWaKe9c/?tagged=fairytaleparty

To throw a fairytale party use trees, plants, vines, flowers, and other fancy fairytale scrolls or bling to decorate your party place. Use dry ice cubes in your punch or drinks to add fog and make sure to use colorful drinks. You could totally go all Disney princess with your party if you like with lots of feathers and bling, or you can include all kinds of fairytale creatures like the fun Alice In Wonderland party above!

So which of these theme ideas for a Sweet 16 Party do you love? I would love a beach party, but the glow party sounds simply ah-mazing! Which is your favorite Sweet 16 Party theme? I want to know in the comments!

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