11 Best High School Movies on Netflix

The best high school movies on Netflix are those with characters that we can relate to!

As much as I love a good drama or horror movie, sometimes I just want something that makes me say, “same!”

It’s good to know I’m not alone when it comes to dealing with frenemies and popularity contests!

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Want a glimpse at high school life as Hollywood sees it? Check out the 11 best high school movies on Netflix! Which one is your favorite?


If you’re looking for some good flicks to watch with your friends this weekend, you have to check these out!

They really are the best high school movies on Netflix!

Best High School Movies on Netflix

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1. High School Musical (2006)

The first in the trilogy of Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical is pretty much the epitome of high school movies on Netflix. Although it received an average score on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, the film won multiple awards, including Teen Choice Awards and a couple of Emmy Awards!

  • The title says it all, it takes place in high school, and it is a musical.
  • Stars Zac Efron as Troy, the captain of the basketball team and Gabriella, a new brainy transfer student.
  • They try out for the lead roles in the (yes you guessed it) high school musical. Wackiness ensues.

2. Camp Rock (2008)

This totally would have been a summer camp I would have gladly gone to! It stars Demi Lavato and Joe Jonas. Here’s a quick rundown of the plot:

  • Mitchie has dreams attending Camp Rock, but as many might be able to relate, it was expensive.
  • Her mother makes arrangements to cater the camp, so she can attend, but in return she must help her mother.
  • Mitchie, ashamed that her mother is working in the kitchen, she spins a lie, that of course is found out.
  • But on the first day of camp, she can be heard singing from the kitchen.  Will she be the winner of the Final Jam at the end of camp?

3. Teen Beach Movie (2013)

Another one of Disney Channel’s most popular high school movies on Netflix, Teen Beach Movie is the perfect back to school movie! While the movie only scored slightly above average among IMDB users, it received a whopping 86% on Rotten Tomatoes!

  • A rogue wave brings 2 surf lovers back to the 60’s, and in the middle of filming of a beach musical movie.
  • It’s a movie about the making of a movie, kind of. Their actions alter the outcome of the movie (the one they fall into after the wave leaves them beached in the 60’s).
  • Teen Beach Movie stars Ross Lynch (of Austin and Ally) and Maia Mitchell (of The Fosters).

4. Frenemies  (2012)

Yet another Disney Channel movie (they really do seem to make the best teen movies, don’t they?), I’ve seen this one quite a few times!

  • Frenemies follows 3 sets of best friends and their ups and downs.
  • One set includes man’s best friend (yes, a dog!) and the girl that tries to get between him and his master.
  • You might also recognize Zendaya and Bella Thorne on the cover! Among many other credits, Thorne played in MTV’s Scream: The TV Series, and Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • It’s a great movie that talks about many different things we all go through with our friends, including making up again.

5. Minor Details  (2009)

Danforth Academy is an upscale boarding school, and one with a big problem, someone is making the students sick.

  •  A group of friends take it upon themselves to find who is poisoning everyone.
  • Is it the principal’s daughter or maybe two spoiled girls who have it all or is it a strange teacher?
  • You might think you know, but just wait until the end!
  • Stars  Kelsey Edwards, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, and Danielle C. Ryan

6. #REALITYHIGH (2017)

Reality High (listed as #REALITYHIGH) is a Netflix original movie that has mixed reviews, but I really thought it was a great flick! Years ago, the popular mean girl in high school was just that: popular only in her high school. Now, with social media, she can have millions of rabid followers just waiting to do her bidding! Basically, there’s no escape!

  • Teen Vogue Magazine called the movie- “an updated Mean Girls for the digital age.”
  • Dani Barnes, an overachiever and Alexa Medina, a social media queen, both compete for the attention of Cameron Drake, the high school hunk.
  • Stars Alicia Sanz and Nesta Cooper

7. Unfriended (2014)

Yes, Unfriended is a found footage, supernatural, horror movie, but it does take place in a high school setting! It’s a super creepy cautionary tale and a not-so-gentle reminder to be nicer to people!

  • Six high school students- Adam Sewell, Blaire Lily, Jess Felton, Ken Smith, Mitch Roussel and Val Rommel- are all engaged in a Skype conversation that is terrorized by Laura Barns- a girl who committed suicide after being bullied.
  • Betcha don’t want to participate in another Skype conversation, do you?

8. 13 Going On 30 (2004)

Ever wish you could just hide until your teen years are over? Well, in 13 Going on 30, Jenna Rink does just that!

  • After a humiliating experience at her 13th birthday party, Jenna wishes she could just go to sleep and wake up as an adult.
  • The next morning, her wish comes true, as she wakes up a 30-year-old with an incredible job, a super hot boyfriend, and a seemingly perfect life!
  • The problem? She’s still 13 in her own mind! That makes for some super awkward moments!
  • The all-star movie casts includes Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, and Judy Greer.

9. Bring It On (2000)

Bring it On is one of my all-time favorite high school movies on Netflix! In fact, I just rewatched it a couple of weeks ago.

  • Torrance Shipman is the new captain of The Toros- a high school cheerleading squad.
  • When she learns that the previous captain stole routines from another high school cheerleading squad- The Clovers- Torrance and her squad scramble to learn a different routine for the upcoming championships.
  • This teen comedy movie was followed by 5 sequels that were all direct-to-video and none of them featured the original cast. Honestly, they’re no where near as good as the original.

10. The Outcasts (2017)

Another great movie about the less-than-popular rising up to take down the Queen Bee, The Outcasts has a very Mean Girls 3 vibe to it.

  • A group of high school social outcasts- Mindy Lipschitz, Jodi Schellenberger, Dave Quinn, Claire Stewart and Virginia Vanderkamp- unite together to bring down their high school’s popular clique.
  • Stars Victoria Justice and Eden Sher

11. Candy Jar (2018)

Candy Jar is a Netflix original movie starring Jacob Latimore and Sami Gayle.

  • Lona Skinner dreams of attending Harvard, while Bennett Russell wants to attend Yale.
  • The two rival debate champions work together to get into their perspective colleges.

Even if you have seen some of these before, they are worth another watch!  Plan a Saturday sleepover with your besties and binge watch some movies about high school.  After all, they all seem to be going through the same things, right?

What are some of your favorite high school movies on Netflix? Share below!

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  1. My favorite high school movies, though I don’t think they are on Netflix, are The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Mean Girls, and 10 Things I Hate About You

  2. These are pretty cool! I would definitely watch this with my girls, if only they weren’t past this stage.

  3. I love this movie looks interesting. I bet my sister would love this

  4. I feel super old cause I haven’t seen any of these. My favs are Clueless, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club.

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