Want a fun & cheap way to get more books for you and your friends? Host a beach reads book swap party! Check out our tips to make it an awesome event!

How To Throw An Awesome Beach Reads Book Swap Party

Want a fun & cheap way to get more books for you and your friends? Host a beach reads book swap party! Check out our tips to make it an awesome event!

Sometimes I can’t afford to buy new books, so I figured out How To Throw An Awesome Beach Reads Book Swap Party instead! When I have friends that love to read like I do, it makes it easy to get together and swap out books, have some snacks, chat about our favorite authors and then plan a book club for ones we all want to read. Nothing is better than trading your friends for new books to read while at the beach this summer!

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How To Throw An Awesome Beach Reads Book Swap Party

Email, text, or message friends: Most of my friends are on Facebook so sending out a message is easy, but you can also email or text. If you want, you can send an invitation in the mail, but that’s extra money you might not have, so just ask them to come over instead. Make sure to find a time that is okay with parents though before you send out invitations.

Get some fun snacks together: Make some cookies, grab some chips, punch or soft drinks and have at least a few snacks on hand for your party. Your parents may be up for helping pay for these, or let you grab something out of the pantry. Usually they don’t mind if you aren’t having dozens of people over. I usually keep beach reads book swap parties to just a few friends. Maybe 5 or 6 of my best girlfriends.

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Go through your library to find books you are ready to swap: The most important part of your book swap party is to figure out which books you are done reading and willing to swap out while a friend reads. I suggest everyone bring as many books as the number of people coming. So if you have 5 friends come, then everyone should have 5 books to swap. That way everyone brings 5 and goes home with 5 books.

Make some fun bags for everyone to carry books home in: If you can, go to your local craft store or a dollar store and grab some blank simple canvas bags. At the dollar store you can get these for $1 each a lot of times. Then grab some paints, sequins or colorful embroidery thread to decorate them with. You can spend part of your party time together just having fun making a cool new bag to carry your books home in!

And this is how to throw an awesome beach reads book swap party! Some great friends, great books and great snacks will make it fun, awesome and something everyone wants to do over and over again.

Have you ever thrown a beach reads book swap party? Share your favorite tips below!

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17 thoughts on “How To Throw An Awesome Beach Reads Book Swap Party

  1. That’s smart to bring the number of books as the number of people coming. I think it sounds fun.

  2. I’ve never thrown or even heard of book swap parties, but it sounds like a great idea! Thank you for those useful tips!

  3. This is such a great idea and I had never thought of having a book swap. I generally just trade books with my mom and sister in law but this would be such a fun way to find some new books for my summer reading list!

  4. The book swap party is indeed a very nice concept and fun party to attend to especially if you’re a born bookworm. As for me, I would love to attend these kind of events but it’s really hard for me to giveaway the books I have purchased. I really have this attachment issue with them – regardless if I like the book or not.

  5. What? Get rid of books in any way at all? I don’t know about that. I tell the kids that we need to cull their library, but when my spouse suggests that I lighten mine I find more space on another shelf and pretend not to have heard! These are great suggestions – if I could bring myself to move any of them out of the house!

  6. This is a great idea! We do mostly kindle books now though but I’m sure we have a few books that we can dig up to throw our own party.

  7. This sounds like so much fun! I also love that it’s such a great way to find out what friends have been reading – what they liked and would recommend!

  8. These are some awesome ideas for a beach read book swap party which I would not have thought of for sure. Decorating the bags would be an awesome idea for the party too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great idea as I love to read! Imagine combining my two favorites…reading at the beach! I wonder what types of books other people bring…would have my curiosity!

  10. This is such a great idea. I have two big bags of books waiting to go to the charity shop but I would love to swap reads with friends and family too.

  11. Cutie concept! what i need is friends that love to read as much as i do…..then i can plan my own party.

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