5 Amazing Movies Like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to Watch Now

Spend your weekend binging on legendary adventure flicks with these five awesome movies like King Arthur Legend of the Sword!

If you like epic adventure movies with a little (or a lot) of drama mixed in, then King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is just the movie for you. It is an upcoming film, scheduled to hit movie theaters on May 12, 2017. While you are waiting though, here are some other great movies like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

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Movies like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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Gladiator is a 2000 epic historical, drama movie. The movie focuses on Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman general, whose family was killed at the hands of Commodus, the corrupt son of Emperor Marcus Aureluis. Meridius travels to Rome to seek revenge for his family’s death. Gladiator stars Russell Crowe as Maximus, Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus and Richard Harris as Marcus.


The Last Legion

The Last Legion is a 2007 action adventure movie that is based on the 2002 Italian book, of the same name, by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. The movie is also based on events that occurred in Europe during the 5th century, such as the Western Roman Empire collapse. It centers on Romulus Augustus, who in the midst of the crumbling Roman empire, sets out on a journey to Britain in search of a legion of supporters. The Last Legion stars Thomas Brodie- Sangster as Romulus.


Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a 2010 epic historical, war movie that is based on the legend of Robin Hood. The movie is set in England during the 12th century and showcases the life of Robin Longstride, a common archer. Longstride, along with his fellow comrades Allan A’Dayle, Will Scarlett and Little John, band together to battle corruption in the village. Robin Hood stars Russell Crowe as Robin, Alan Doyle as Allan, Scott Grimes as Will and Kevin Durand as Little John.


Centurion is a 2010 historical war, action movie that is somewhat based on the 2nd century disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire. The movie centers on Quintus Dias, a centurion, who is fighting for his life, behind enemy lines, after a guerrilla attack destroys his legion. Centurion stars Michael Fassbender as Quintus.

The Eagle

The Eagle is a 2011 epic historical drama movie that is based on the 1954 book titled The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. The movie focuses on Marcus Flavius Aquila, a young Roman soldier who fights to honor his father’s memory, by locating a golden emblem his father had lost. The Eagle stars Channing Tatum as Marcus.


These movies like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword should hold you over until the movie releases! Can you think of any others you would add to the list? Share below!

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14 thoughts on “5 Amazing Movies Like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to Watch Now

  1. I haven’t seen any of these, as they aren’t my usual movie style. The Robin Hood one looks pretty good though – I might have to look into it!

  2. The only one I’ve seen is Gladiator. I wish I had more time to watch everything out there!

  3. I’ve seen all of these movies and you pretty much nailed it as them being equally as good as the King Arthur movie. Lots of action and good old sword play.

  4. Centurion and the Last Legand both sound interesting. I’m going to have to take a look.

  5. I loved Gladiator and was totally caught by surprise because it’s not my type of movie. Haven’t seen the other movies.

  6. I think I’ve seen maybe 1-2 on your list. I like epic dramas but don’t watch them as much anymore.

  7. I think I’ve seen most of these movies. I have yet to watch Centurion.

  8. I am not much of a movie buff, but I beleive my husband has seen most of these movies.

  9. I’ve seen the trailer for this and it is intense! I love movies that are set in the medieval times, there’s nothing quite like seeing knights and dragons and more!

  10. I’ve seen most of these movies and they’re really awesome! I love movies like this, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is something that I look forward to seeing.

  11. wow, we seem to love medieval themed movies. I’ve watched all but robinhood. By far, Gladiator is the one that I like best. I love to be the general and in command 🙂

  12. Good list, I’ve seen all five of these because I love the blending of history and action. Plus I love the thought of a hero ready to sacrifice his life which they are have in common.

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