Who Dies In The Summer Finale?!? Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

Who dies? Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 recap now!

Tonight is the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 10, titled The Darkest Knight. All the internet is a buzz about this summer finale. (thank goodness we still have ten more episodes in early 2017 before the big finale, am I right?) Ybou know something major is going to happen after last week’s episode right? The biggies were we saw someone get the ax (you had to see it coming), we learned who Mary Drake’s daughter is (ahhhhhh!!!!) and someone announced they are pregnant. Kinda that whole circle of life thing happening here. Check out more below for the full recap of season 7 episode 10 of Pretty Little Liars. Are you excited? I’m excited!

Who Dies In The Summer Finale?!?  Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Caleb, Mona, Aria, Allison, Spencer and Emily are trying to get a hold of Hanna. When no one could reach her, Spencer calls the police to report Hanna being kidnapped. However, she hasn’t been kidnapped but instead we see Hanna in a hotel room with Noel tied up. She tries to get him to admit he is AD and when he didn’t say anything, she cut his thigh with a knife. (Hanna has some issues going on here, she’s going a bit, crazy rogue.) Hanna took a sample of Noel’s blood to a DNA lab to have it tested.

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Meanwhile, at Radley, Caleb and Mona were eavesdropping on Jenna, who had no clue where Noel disappeared to. During this time Hanna called Mona, but she didn’t tell Caleb where she was going. Mona discovered the USB in one of Noel’s shoes, and wanted to turn it into the police, but Hanna said she wanted to prove that Noel was AD first. Hanna is upset though when she finds out that Noel’s DNA did not match Mary Drake’s DNA. Hanna finally told the other Liars what she really had been up to.

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Later on, Hanna showed up at Spencer’s house, but she didn’t say anything about where she was. Then Hanna saw Caleb, and they ended up in argument but quickly kissed and made up. Elsewhere, Allison told Emily that she was pregnant with Elliott’s baby. Then the two ended up in a passionate kiss. Emily still has a few others on the hook too; this probably isn’t your best move Ali.


Back at the Radley, Mona warns Jenna that she needs to get out of town and not to look for Noel. While Aria was waiting for Ezra to return home, a news broadcast on TV showed that Nicole was indeed found alive, and Ezra and Nicole happily reunited. When Spencer went to say goodbye to Toby, the two shared a kiss that seemed to affect both of them.



When the girls go back to the hotel room, they discover Noel isn’t there anymore, and neither is Hanna’s video camera. Suddenly, they receive a text message that told them to meet at a certain address later that night so they could exchange the USB for Hanna’s video camera.

Later that night, the Liars meet at the address. Then, Jenna’s voice appears over a loudspeaker telling the Liars to leave the UBS right where they are. Then, they followed Hanna’s voice from the video camera, which led them upstairs into a room with creepy items. They found the video camera and were about to leave when Noel appeared, telling Hanna and Emily that they knew too much.

Suddenly, the electricity in the building is shut off, and Jenna is toting a gun. Noel ends up getting decapitated after falling on an ax during a struggle with Spencer and Hanna. Jenna starts shooting her gun, and one of the bullets hits Spencer. Jenna was about to fire a fatal shot to Spencer, but Mary Drake stopped her.


So, why would Mary Drake not want Spencer dead? Well, because she is Spencer’s mother! WOW! I was not expecting that at all. From that scene, the show moved to a car accident, with an ambulance just arriving. Toby and Yvonne were in the accident and not moving at all in their car.


The episode ends with Jenna waking up in the back of a van. And someone appears who Jenna knows is AD, but we didn’t get to see her identity!


Seriously how am I going to wait until the final ten episodes? What just happened? When you’ve caught your breath, take a look at the finale for the last ten. *tears, all the tears*


I’m seriously in shock PLL fans; I did NOT see it coming with Spencer. I thought she was going to end up dead this episode, ZOMG! Plus what’s going to happen with this baby? When you can pick your jaw up off the floor, tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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