Summer Party Games For Kids

Cool Summer Party Games For Kids!

Summer is the hottest season (pun sort of intended) for parties! It seems like half the kids we know were born during the summer! Whether you’re throwing a bash yourself or helping a friend arrange one, you’ll want to check out these fun summer party games for kids! Several of these games involve water balloons, one of our favorite ways to cool off during the hot months. For more wet fun, check out our Water Balloon summer activities!

Cool Summer Party Games for Kids

Toss game

Get some water balloons and fill them up with water. Now, take various sizes of containers and place them all along a row. Ask your kids to throw the water balloons in these containers. Each of the containers will have several points and at the end of the game the kid with the maximum number of points wins the game. Spark up this toss game by using different colors of balloons. You can also keep the baskets having the same color of balloons and ask the kids to throw balloons in the baskets which have the same color as the balloon.

“Cool” potato game

Forget hot potato, summer party games for kids are all about staying cool while having fun, right?  For this game, ask your kids to sit in a circle. Take a water balloon and ask your little ones to pass it among them. Play music while the balloon is being passed. Now, the person holding the balloon when the music stops is out of the game. The same happens if the balloon bursts and spurts out water. The game ends when all but one child is out.

Roll the fruit

For this game get some round shaped ‘roll-able’ fruits. You can use honeydew, grapefruit, apple, guava, oranges (if you get them), lime or any other fruit you can think of. Keep these fruits in a basket and ask the kids to choose their favorite fruit. After they’ve made their choice, ask them to stand in a line and roll their favorite fruits. The kid whose fruit goes the furthest wins the game. You can also draw a finishing line real close to the point from where they start. Try this game in the lawn or on the roof to enjoy the very best from it.

Popping the party flavor

Get some impeccably colorful water balloons and inflate them. Take a huge piece cardboard and place it across a wall in your lawn or in the party room. Now, paste these water balloons and paste it to the cardboard. Use strong glue for the job. Now, give your little ones some sharp plastic arrows and ask them to pop as many balloons they can. The kid who pops the maximum number of balloons wins the game.

Pool games

If you have access to a pool, check out these fun Pool Party Games For Kids that Really Make a Splash! There are so many great games you can play in the water. Of course, you can also use pool time as a cool down in between your other games for a really long party!

Looking for more fun summer party games for kids? You may like these:

These summer party games are both innovative and easy to follow. Try them out at your next gathering!

What are your favorite summer party games for kids?

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  2. Great roundup of fun summer games for kids. I am always looking for fun ways to keep the kids occupied outside. Any time we can get them having a blast outside and not inside attached to some screen is a victory!

  3. I remember these games at parties when I was a kid. These ones are more creative but same games. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am definitly going to check out the pool games. We go to the community pool all the time and sometimes it is not very busy and we can get some fun games going.

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