What Happened On Teen Wolf? Season 5 Episode 14 Recap “The Sword and the Spirit”

Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

Things got intense last night on Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14, and our recap of the Sword and The Spirit will catch you up on the latest. What a jerkface, is anyone else shocked and somewhat annoyed with Theo? I seriously could not even handle it last night!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14 Recap “The Sword and the Spirit”

The episode “The Sword and the Spirit” of  Teen Wolf  begins with Argent and Garad tracking The Beast. The Dread Doctors show up, and Garad stops them with a special emitter. Argent then finds 23 dead bodies within the tunnels that The Beast killed. This Beast, he’s serious business. 

Scott, Stiles, and Kira tell the sheriff about The Beast, and he decides to put out a curfew so people could be safe. Meredith begins to train Lydia, who is still currently having an out – of – body experience. Meredith locks Lydia in a cell with bulletproof glass and wants her to shatter it to get out. Theo injects Malia with a special wolfsbane and takes her to The Dread Doctor’s lair. He puts a device on her that they use to locate people, and she finds The Desert Wolf in Beacon Hills. What a nice guy Theo is, helping Malia out like that. Geeshhh.

Liam goes down into the tunnels thanks to some advice from Malia and Scott finds him. Lydia can’t get out of the cell, and Meredith tells her about the first time she used her powers. Meredith hurt people on accident, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Lydia. Lydia then sees a banshee prediction of Malia about to die. Stiles goes to Eichen House and sits with Lydia. Lydia’s mother tells him to leave but as he is leaving he swipes a keycard from one of the workers.

Scott and Liam talk about their fight and how Liam wants to do more then say he’s sorry. They find a secret way through the tunnels and find Argent and Garad. They all find the painting of The Hellhound vs. The Beast and discover they will all die if they don’t stop it. So how do we stop the Beast? We’re not quite sure exactly yet.

Malia, Theo, and Braden go to the place where The Desert Wolf is and find Deaton tied up. Theo betrays them (why did we let him in the pack again?) and knocks out Braden. The Desert Wolf then shows up and shoots Malia. Lydia sees Malia about to die and uses her powers for the first time (YAYYYY!!!! Seriously, she’s a badass now!). Malia fights her mother and Lydia fights the staff of Eichen House, but they stop her.

The Beast shows up where Malia is, and she saves Deaton. Theo’s pack of Chimera’s captures Deucalion. It’s pretty clear Theo is just in it for himself and is betraying everyone by this point. The episode ends with Scott gathering the whole pack together, and they plan to get Lydia and take her out of Eichen House.

So what do you think of Lydia finally coming into her power? What about Theo’s latest push for more power? Did you enjoy our Teen Wolf recap of The Sword and the Spirit Season 5 Episode 14? Tell me in the comments!

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