Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

The Beast Is Revealed & I’m Crying! Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 Recap – “Maid of Gevaudan”

Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

We see a MAJOR reveal this week in our Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 recap of the episode “Maid of Gevaudan.” Not only do we learn the backstory to how The Beast came to be, we also learn who The Beast is and it’s twisted! Read more of our full Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 recap and learn WHO is THE BEAST!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 Recap – “Maid of Gevaudan”

We start our Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 recap with Gerard telling Lydia the story of The Beast and The Maid of Gevaudan. It flashes back to 1760, a man is writing to his sister about them losing the war. The man and his friend are hiding in a house where a women tells them there is a demon wolf out in the woods. British soldiers go to attack the demon but are attacked brutally. Gerard explains that the sister was named Marien and is The Maid of Gevaudan.

Back in the present, we pick up where “A Credible Threat” left off last week, Stiles and Hayden carry a very injured Liam to a classroom after Liam had tried to go after The Beast. Hayden kisses Liam and takes away his pain so he can heal faster. We again flashback to 1760 and Marien is listening to the men in the tavern talking about The Beast. Her brother Sebastian returns home and they try to convince  her to hunt The Beast down, which she agrees to. She prepares for the hunt and her brother Sebastian tries to warn her that it is nothing like she has hunted before. The hunt begins and Gerard explains how The Beast had found the hunting parties before. Marien encounters The Beast but is saved from death at the last moment.

Back in the present, Malia calls Braden and tells her to get to the school and to bring her guns. Scott saves a girl and tells her to run while The Beast tries to attack. Lydia senses something is wrong but chooses to stay and listen to the rest of Gerad’s story.

Back again in 1760, Marien discovers werewolves and all about how to kill them. She makes the town people drink wine with wolfsbane in it and Marcel, who came home with her brother Sebastian, tells her to look in the cellar. She discovers several bodies. Marien uncovers the truth that Marcel was covering for her brother who she now knows without a doubt is The Beast. She confronts her brother and he explains how he became The Beast and takes off.

Back in the present, Scott takes on The Beast and gets back up. Braden shoots The Beast many times before it runs away, but Scott is able to pick up its scent. We flashback to the tale, this time much later in 1767. We see Marien that finally tracks down her brother after many years and kills him with a special spear she created. Gerard explains to Lydia (and us!) that Marien is the first hunter for the Argents. The episode ends with Scott and Liam following the scent. Scott and Liam  only to discover that the scent trail leads to… Mason.

I think I about lost it with this ending. What is happening?!?!

Is anyone else losing it with this ending the Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 recap? Leave me your comments!

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