The Beast Attacks & It’s MAJOR! Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17 Recap – A Credible Threat

Check out our Teen Wolf Season 5 recap to see what you missed!

I need all the members of my pack for the Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17 recap. So now that we’ve left Eichen House, The Beast is attacking and creating lots of chaos in this episode. Can the pack stop The Best his next attack, which we find out is going to happen at a huge charity lacrosse game where lots of students may be killed? Also, what happens to Parrish, it looks like his days in the pack may be numbered! Check out our full Teen Wolf season 5 episode 17 recap now!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17 Recap

Our Teen Wolf season 5 episode 17 recap of “A Credible Threat” starts with Parrish and more info about The Beast. Why would they start us at Eichen House, we saw Lydia finally saved last week right? Parrish explains that every night he sleepwalks and searches for The Beast. Parrish can’t control the sleepwalking and doesn’t know why he’s searching. He asks Argent to follow him and to stop him if he needs to, which is what Argent does. Argent texts Scott, who is with Stiles and Liam and tells them to meet at the school because that is where Parrish is going. They arrive at the school and can’t find Parrish but end up finding several dead bodies including an entire school bus full of victims and one partially alive victim who the Beast is using to try to trap Parrish. Both The Beast and Parrish, in his Hellhound form, arrive and we see Parrish running after The Beast.

The next morning, Malia and Braeden are camped out at Scott’s house so The Desert Wolf won’t kill Malia. Mason figures out that The Beast only goes to places where there are high frequencies. Mason then realizes that the news channels will be covering the charity lacrosse game that night. He now knows that a lot of people are going to die as it will be the next spot we see the Beast rampaging with all of the high-frequency news broadcasts covering the game. 

Liam tells Scott, Lydia, and Stiles that Mason figured out where the Beast will be next and how Mason knows. The pack decides to try to get the lacrosse game canceled, and they suspect the high frequencies is what causes The Beast to transform. While they are leaving Lydia discovers Parrish in the back of the library, and he is torn up from the beast! We should have seen this coming, but it was still a bit of a shock when Lydia’s strange banshee feeling leads to discovering Parrish who is almost dead.

The Sheriff tells Stiles that the only person who can cancel a game is The Coach. Scott and Stiles go to see The Coach who is in rehab. They convince him to come back so he can forfeit the game. Parrish tells Argent, Lydia, and Gerard about what he remembers about The Beast attack. Gerard then tells Parrish it is time for him to meet his ulterior ego and shows them a machine. Argent explains that the machine will cool down Parrish’s body and help him separate him from the Hellhound.

The Pack meets to talk about The Beast showing up, and they all go out for the game. Stiles tells the Coach it’s time to forfeit, but Coach refuses. Malia tries to take down the wires on the news vans to stop the broadcast and high frequencies. Lydia talks to The Hellhound, and he tells them that Jordan Parrish is dead. The Desert Wolf (Malia’s mom Corrine) shows up and stops Malia from stopping the news broadcast. The Desert Wolf tells Malia that she will go away if Malia goes with her.

We then see Kira’s fox spirit control her and makes her act really aggressive during the lacrosse game. Scott has to snap her out of it before she kills someone, he’s racing against time. Kira starts becoming more aggressive and soon is fighting. Scott manages to eventually stop Kira, and Kira snaps out of it not remembering anything that happened.  Hayden tells Liam that Kira is with him and the Pack.

The episode ends with Lydia pleading with the Hellhound for Parrish, and Parrish eventually bursting out of the chamber of the machine he was put inside. The Desert Wolf leaves the lacrosse game, and suddenly a high frequency goes off. The Beast shows up and is attacking students. Liam is going after The Beast, but it looks like he wasn’t able to stop The Beast from attacking.

What did you think of this Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17 recap? Will Parrish be alive still at the end of the next episode? Will The Pack be able to stop The Beast’s attacks? Tell me more in the comments now!

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  1. i have never seen an episode of teen wolf but i have heard great things about it. I love that one of the guys in the show was the little boy from Maid in Manhatten

  2. This show has been trending lately. I’ve seen episodes and I get why teenagers are so involved in this show. I don’t watch regularly though.

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