What You Missed On American Idol 2016 : Hollywood Week Recap

American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week Season 15

All the American Idol auditions are done, but now it’s time for American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week! Sometimes this grueling week is known as Hell Week and do they ever take the contestants through their paces. We saw two Hollywood Week episodes in this American Idol recap including episodes 7 and 8, and we will see the conclusion of Hollywood week next Wednesday. There are 190 contestants and at the end of Wednesday night, the competition will be narrowed down to 51 final contestants. I can’t believe this will be the last Hollywood week ever!

What Happened On American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week Recap

At the Dolby Theater, the contestants will be featured on the stage in groups of 10. After each person sings, the judges will make their decisions whether they will move on to the next round or they go home. So, do you have a favorite yet? Did they make it to the next round? I have a few favorites, and they all made it through thankfully.

American Idol Hollywood Week Recap-Solos

Jordan Sasser– Jordan auditioned with his wife, Alex. He made it past the auditions, and she did not but she is still here cheering for him. Jordan sings Shoulda Been Us by Tori Kelly. I think he has a good voice, but I don’t think he will make it to the Top 24. Jordan makes it to the next round.

Dalton Rapattoni– Dalton and Jaci have been friends for many years. He sings California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas. I don’t like Dalton and didn’t like him during auditions much either. Dalton makes it to the next round, although I am not sure why.

Jaci Butler– Jaci stands out with her green hair. She sings Fall Out Boy’s Centuries. I don’t care for her much, although her audition wasn’t bad. Jaci makes it to the next round and we will see more of her during American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week.

Jenn Blosil- Jenn is the quirky space cadet from Utah. She sings Brother by Needtobreathe and Gavin DeGraw. As quirky as she is, I like her. She has an awesome voice and is totally serious about her music. Jenn advances to the next round. She is one of my favorites.

Thomas Stringfellow– Thomas is the cousin of Danielle Bradbery, the season 4 winner of The Voice. He sings Too Close by Alex Clare. He has such a sweet voice and is loaded with talent. Of course he moves on to the next round so we will see more of him for this year’s American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week.

Olivia Rox– Olivia’s parents are musicians too. She sings Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera. I like her. She has so much talent and puts so much emotion into each of her performances. She is on to the next round.

Jessica Cabral- Jessica’s parents are musicians from Brazil. Jessica is another one of my favorites. She sings Photograph by Ed Sheeran. She has a voice that is so unique and so strong. I see her in the top 10. She is performing hard for American Idol 2016, and moves on to the next round of Hollywood Week.


Melanie Tierce– Melanie was one of Harry’s favorites during her audition. Melanie sings Kelly Clarkson’s Invincible. What a change from her audition. Her performance was pitchy as heck. Melanie’s time on American Idol ends here as she is eliminated.

Sonika Vaid– During her audition, Harry told her she could win. She sings Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande. She didn’t disappoint tonight either. That girl can sing. Obviously, she advances to the next round.

LaPorsha Renae– LaPorsha is the domestic abuse survivor, who has a 7-month old baby girl. She sings Roar by Katy Perry. Love her voice, love her personality, and she has the cutest baby. LaPorsha is one of my top favorites. She is on to the next round.

Harrison Cohen– Harrison is the kid with the sidekick grandpa. He sings Andy Grammer’s Keep Your Head Up. I thought he did horrible. I don’t know if the pressure got to him or what, but I wasn’t impressed. Apparently, neither were the judges because he was eliminated.

Daniel Farmer– Daniel professed his attraction to JLo during his audition. Daniel sings Treasure by Bruno Mars. I like him! He is so full of energy, has lots of charisma and has a sexy and soulful voice. He moves on to the next round.


Manny Torres– Like JLo, Manny is a fellow Puerto Rican. He sings Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. Nice performance. He has such an incredible tone in his voice when he sings. Manny advances to the next round.

Lee Jean– Lee’s older brother was killed in an accident in 2012. Not sure what song was sung but it was really good. Lee moves on to the next round.

Melany Huber– Melany is cancer-free, recently completing treatments. Melany sings Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw. I think Melany has a voice that is just captivating, but unfortunately, she is eliminated tonight.

Shelbie Z– During the audition, she used her real name, Shelbie James but now she just wants to be called Shelbie Z. She sings Grace Potter’s song Medicine. Shelbie has such a strong voice and as a person, she is full of determination. She is on to the next round.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell– Jeneve lives on a ranch with no electricity. She sings Boondocks by Little Big Town. She brought her cello with her again. I like her voice. It has a true uniqueness to it. She is through to the next round.

Gianna Isabella– Gianna is the daughter of 80’s pop star, Brenda K. Starr. She sings One Night Only from the Dreamgirls Musical. I like her, but I have to say that her mom is annoying as ever. She stands over her daughter, watching every little move she makes. But Gianna has such a solid voice. She moves on to the next round.

Tristan McIntosh– Tristan’s mom is in the military and surprised her at her audition. Here is another one of my absolute favorites. She sings Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood. Usually, it is tough to cover one of Carrie’s songs, but this girl totally nails it. I see her as a contender to win this. She moves on to the next round.

Krysti Jewel- Krysti’s parents are huge American Idol fans. Today is her 16th birthday. She sings Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin. I just didn’t like it. I don’t think it was a good song choice for her. Krysti does not make it to the next round.

Michele Marie– Michele is hard to miss since she is talkative and very energetic. She sings Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini. I like her voice. I don’t think she is exactly where she needs to be, but she has a ton of potential. She advances to the next round.

Trent Harmon– Trent lives on a farm, where his family owns a restaurant. Trent has just found out from his doctor he has mono. The producers allow him to continue if he wants, and he does. He sings Sam Smith’s song Lay Me Down. Heck, you sure couldn’t tell this guy was sick because he totally nailed the song. He is on to the next round, of course.

Poh Scott– Poh’s sister, Shi, was a contestant last season. She sings Stay by Rihanna. I love her raspy vocals. Poh is moving on to the next round.

Emily Brooke– Emily was a contestant last season but didn’t make the top 24. She sings I Wish I Could Break Your Heart by Cassadee Pope. She did a great job, beautiful voice. She is on to the next round.

American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week- The Group Rounds

It is now time for the mostly-dreaded Group Rounds. How this works is that the contestants that are remaining will form groups of 3 or 4 people, come up with a song and an act and perform it on the stage the next day. This is the time in the show where personalities clash and performance flop. So, yesterday we had 190 hopefuls, and now we are down to 108. Some of the groups came up with a group name while others didn’t. I did notice that some songs were repeated a time or two. Before we start, I need to mention that Poh Scott quit the competition because she couldn’t handle the pressure. Let’s get started!

Team Blue Eyes– Kory Wheeler, Jenae Renae, Kelsie Watts, and Jordan Sasser- Treasure by Bruno Mars- You can tell they put a good deal of rehearsal time here. They all had great chemistry together, and it was a great performance. They all move on to the next round.

Milk and Cookies– Jenn Blosil, Bri Ray, Lynnzee Fraye and Sara Sturm- Drag Me Down by One Direction- Another great group performance with amazing harmonies and strong leads. They also all move on to the next round.


Ooh X 2– Amelia Eisenhour, Tristan McIntosh, and Lee Jean- Too Close by Alex Clare- I didn’t like them as a group at all. Tristan was awesome as usual. Not a big fan of Amelia; there is just something missing with her. All of them advance to the next round.

Group– Avalon Young and Colette Lush- DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher- They were awesome with great harmonies and chemistry. They are all moving on to the next round.

Trio– Jeneve Rose Mitchell and two others who were not named- I Need You Know by Lady Antebellum- I like Jeneve without her cello. They all move on to the next round.

Trent Harmon has mono so he has to perform alone according to his doctor. He sings Rather Be by Clean Bandit. WOW! Again this kid, who is ill, nails his performance. He is on to the next round.


Singing Out Loud– Michelle Marie, Ashley Lusk, Lindsey Carrier and Shelbie Z- Undo It by Carrie Underwood- Well talk about a clash of personalities here. Lindsey is bossy, Shelbie has one heck of an attitude, and Michelle is rather immature. They did sound good as a group but not a WOW moment by any means. So, Michelle, Ashley and Shelbie move to the next round and Lindsey is eliminated.

Chicken Noodle Soup– Dalton Rapattoni, Kassy Levels, and Anatalia Villaranda- Treasure by Bruno Mars- I like them as a group. They fit well together, with sweet harmonies and strong vocals. They all make it through to the next round.

Envy– Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete and Andrew Nezerbakian- Problem by Arian Grande- Anatalia Villaranda was originally part of this group. The others say she left the group, Anatalia claims she was forced out. They had a rough start but ended on a high note. They all move on to the next round.

Trick or Treat– Marcio Donaldson, Kacye Hayes, Kylle Thomason and Jon Klaasen- Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars- It was an entertaining performance, all did well. They all advance to the next round.

Smooth Soul– Joy Dove, Lindita, and Daniel Farmer- Domino by Jessie J- This was a decent performance, although I think Lindita overpowered Joy somewhat. However, Lindita and Joy move on while Daniel is eliminated. Wow, that’s too bad, I really thought he would make it to at least the final round of American Idol 2016 Hollywood week, if not the finals

Los Barriquas– Eliz Camacho, Dana Ordway and Gianna Isabella- Hit ‘Em Style by Blu Cantrell- This is one group that just can’t seem to get along. There is a ton of tension between everyone. Eliz is bossing the other two around, it was a mess. And their performance was a mess too. They all forgot the words. Seriously? WOW! But, Dana and Gianna move on while Eliz is eliminated.

Good Vibes– Jessica Paige, Joe Dahman, Olivia Thai and Alesana Tolai- Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton- Yeah, so this was a nightmare, complete nightmare. There was no emotion from anyone. Only Jessica moves on while Joe, Olivia, and Alesana are eliminated and won’t see another round of American Idol 2016 Hollywood week.

Group– Jess Kellner, Zach Joseph, Jessica Baker and CJ Johnson- Renegades by X Ambassadors- I liked this. I liked the song choice for them. Good vocals all around. CJ, Jess and Jessica advance while Zach is eliminated.

Group– Thomas Muglia, Thomas Stringfellow, Bryson Dunn and Joey Hendricks- Renegades by X Ambassadors- Yes, both groups sang the same song. So, this was a mediocre performance. Individually, I think they are great but as a group, not so much. Thomas and Thomas advance and Bryson and Joey are eliminated.

Rebirth– Manny Torres, Malie Delgado and Christian Eason- Too Close by Alex Clare- This is a popular song this week. I like the way the group jazzed up this version of the song. They performed well as a group. They all move on to the next round of American Idol 2016, and will continue for Hollywood Week.

Soul Cats– Laurel Wright, John Arthur Greene, Marshall Cunningham and Drew Angus- Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees- Another group where everyone forgets the words. And the words they did sing were pitchy. Laurel and Marshall advance and Drew and John are eliminated.


The Sistas– Marlena Johnson, LaPorsha Renae, and Tonie Starr- Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees- Yes, we have another song repeat. I like this performance for the most part, but something confuses me. Marlena didn’t remember the words during rehearsal and didn’t remember them during the performance, but the judges didn’t seem to care. Not sure why. However, they all advance to the next round.

Phew, that was a long recap but so much happened! American Idol Hollywood week is def heating up. Who are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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