Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a roll with movie-inspired party ideas for kids lately! We’re having so much fun coming up with fun games, crafts and activities for kids’ birthday parties. Take a look a at our top movie-inspired party ideas!

Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids

Every year, it seems like every kid wants to have a party based on the latest hit kids’ movie. Parents, on the other hand, want a party that really stands out. Sure, it’s easy enough to run out to the store, grab some themed cups, plates and napkins then call it a party. But really, where is the fun in that?

Our party ideas include activities and games based on the movie inspiration behind the theme. Don’t be the parent that slaps up a “pin the tail on whatever character is hot that year.” Be the one that all the kids are talking about. The one that brings kids back year after year. Don’t worry, we’ll help!

Our Favorite Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids: Crafts, Activities and More

Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids : Lego Movie

The LEGO Movie is super hot this year and with good reason! I took my son to see it and we both loved it. The great thing about the LEGO movie is that it has enough going on to appeal to both boys and girls. Our LEGO Movie Party Games give you some great ideas on how to keep the party moving.

Got a Despicable Me fan in the house? Plan a fun party complete with these awesome Despicable Me Party Activities for Kids! This is one of our most popular party ideas posts ever.

Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids

With Mr. Peabody & Sherman coming out in theaters, maybe your kids will love to have a Time Travel party. There are so many different ways you can go with this! Ask kids to dress up in costumes from the past or put together crazy outfits of the future. During the party, help kids make their very own Time Capsule craft to take home with them!

Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids

Nut Job is another huge hit this year that makes for great party ideas for kids. If you’re lost on how to build a theme around it, considering going with a nature-themed party. Kids will love making our Nut Job Pine Cone Squirrel. It not only gives you a great activity during the party, but also gives kids something to take home.

More great movie-inspired birthday party ideas for kids

  • With Disney’s Frozen releasing on DVD, kids will show renewed interest in a Frozen party. Check out this easy Frozen Craft for kids!
  • Got a FreeBirds fan in the house? During your party, have kids make this fun FreeBirds craft for kids. Encourage the kids to use different colors and textures to create their birdie.
  • Younger kids love Disney’s Planes. We have an easy activity that even an older toddler could do with a little help. Check out our DIY Airplane craft for kids.

With so many great movie-inspired birthday party ideas for kids, you’ll surely be deemed “coolest mom ever” after your next party!

What movie-inspired party themes do your kids love the most?

95 thoughts on “Best Movie-Inspired Party Ideas for Kids

  1. We have not seen the Lego movie yet. My boys keep begging to see it. I’ll have to give in and take them soon.

  2. Lego Movie and Despicable Me would be definite faves here but I’d say Frozen would be a close third. Fantastic ideas! We’ve had Thomas and friends, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Disney Princess parties, no actual movie parties. My eldest is 5 this year, I have a feeling he may want a Lego theme- Lego mad- if I hear “I Feel Awesome” once more… Great post.

  3. I think the Nut Job squirrel craft project is the cutest idea ever!

  4. What wonderful party ideas and crafts. These are also great for summer activities to keep the kids busy.

  5. My granddaughter would love the Despicable Me Movie Party, and the party activities you listed would be great! Her party would be a hit with those.

  6. The pinecone squirrel is extremely adorable and goes perfectly with the movie. I also enjoy the Lego movie party games.

  7. What great ideas. I know my daughter would love the project for the squirrel from The Nut Job. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. My kids love themed birthday parties or any party that has a theme related to one of their favorite movies or shows. The lego one would be great here, it works for both girls and boys and would really have so many ways to make it creative.

  9. A few years ago, my daughter had a Disney-inspired party where everyone came dressed up as a Disney character (some include: Captain Hook, Melanie, Peter Pan, Bolt, and Cruella Deville)! It was such a fun party! 🙂

  10. I love all of these ideas we will probably do frozen next year so thanks for all of the ideas..

  11. These ideas are great. I will be bookmarking this for our upcoming events (notes like these are hard t o find) Love the simplicity of it. And that it is a variety of things to do

  12. Great ideas! I have two girls so they are really into Frozen right now?

  13. Great ideas! My daughter’s softball team was called the Minions and we celebrated one of their tournament wins with minion themed cupcakes. Big hit (on and off the field.)

  14. I love despicable me , it’s good for boys and girls, which usually pixar/disney are geared to one gender or the other. The nut job crafts look fun! Great ideas for bday party decorations

  15. I haven’t seen the Lego movie yet but want to take my grandkids.

  16. You have so many great movie-inspired party ideas listed here. Any child would have to be thrilled by some of them

  17. So cute! I now have my granddaughter’s birthday parties planned for the next 10 years. Lol Thanks for the ideas.

  18. I love the Legos Movie Party games. My son would love it for his birthday.

  19. Love the Lego idea, my 3 year old son is obsessed with the movie!

  20. Hi! You are so creative! These ideas are great and I can use them for when my grandson comes over. We always watch movies. Thank-you for the inspiration!

  21. My kids love the minions lol but their current fave movie is Rio 2.

  22. The Lego movie ideas were genius. My daughter laughed and laughed at that movie. This may be her next birthday!

  23. Nut Job party sounds fun to me and I love the Nut Job pinecone squirrel craft. Always nice for kids to take something home from a party other than a sugar high!

  24. Awe!! I LOVE that little squirrel one from the Nut Job. I am going to try that with my kids.

  25. You have some great ideas here. These would be so much fun for my grandkids.

  26. Sounds like fun! Wish I had young children or grandchildren to enjoy it with.

  27. Awesome Birthday Party Ideas!! My Granddaughter loves the minions!!

  28. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. We have a party coming up so I am going to incorporate some of these into it.

  29. I like the Lego Movie ideas since that’s my son’s favorite movie and we have a ton of legos.

  30. I was always looking for different ways to keep the kids amused on their birthdays! These are such cute & fun ideas!! I will share them for my grandkids birthdays now. The LEGO Movie idea caught my eye, cause Legos have been around for years & kids still love playing with them.

  31. Wonderful ideas for movie parties. My favorite is the Lego idea since my grandsons are always playing Legos!

  32. My son would love the ideas for the Lego Movie. He loves anything that has to do with Legos.

  33. Great ideas here, I especially think my son would like the Lego tower building challenge and the time capsule.

  34. Never thought of doing this but what great ideas! Will remember for next time!

  35. These crafts are so cute. And they don’t look like they would be hard.

  36. Great ideas. I know some small guys who would love the Legos party ideas.

  37. This is fantastic. I love the Frozen inspired projects! Our kiddos would love TMNT inspired crafts as well as Disney Princess.

  38. LOVE the Nut Job project! So cute! I will definitely have to try these. What a fun activity and a great way to turn a movie into something more meaningful!

  39. I think that the Despicable Me and Frozen themed parties are the winners in my home. Those are some great ideas for activities.

  40. Well, no kiddos around but when there were we did a fun Hulk party with lots of green food.

  41. These are great ideas and would be perfect for a movie party for my children and their friends.


  42. Thanks for all these great party ideas. I do not have a creative mind, therefore, I never come up with any good ideas on my own. I really like the movie theme, especially “Nut Job”. I love the squirrels made out of pine cones and I do believe I will borrow your ideas for the next birthday party.

  43. Kids love movie-inspired parties, and these are some great ideas. My wife is always looking for new party ideas, so I’ll pass this along.

  44. I like the water gun frozen game from Despicable Me. Despicable Me is one of our very favorite movies. Thank you!

  45. Great ideas. I never did themes for birthdays except for the cake and napkins and glasses. Now that I have grandkids maybe I’ll help their mom with some of these ideas.

  46. SO much fun. I absolutely adore the Despicable Me party ideas. I always had tweety themed parties.

  47. The lego movie has some great ideas to build and use your imagination no matter how simple or plain you think it may be!

  48. I like the Lego inspired party. Kids would certainly enjoy it.

  49. Right now it would be a Frozen party since that’s the rage around right now.

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