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We’ll also talk about the cast of The 100 and catch you up on what happened in Season 5!

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The world is ending... I finished The 100 and now I need more shows like The 100 to fill the void. Have you ever gotten to the end of a really good series and felt disappointed because it's over? Don't worry if Netflix doesn't have what you're looking for, these TV shows will keep you on the edge full of apocalyptic sci-fi drama!

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The 100 Overview

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If you haven’t seen it, the 100 is a post-apocalyptic drama TV series that premiered on March 19, 2014.

The series is based on The 100 book series trilogy by Kass Morgan but does steer away from the book.

This show is super intense.

The 100 is a television series that combines drama, post-apocalyptic and science fiction! It takes place in the year 2149.

97 years earlier, on May 10, 2052, a nuclear war destroyed planet Earth. The nuclear war forced survivors to flee to one of 12 national space stations.

Eventually, these 12 stations formed one huge space station called The Ark.

(Are you still with me?)

When The Ark started running out of resources, 100 juvenile delinquents were sent to Earth to see if the planet was habitable.

If they were lucky enough to survive the dangers of Earth, their crimes would be pardoned.

By the end of season 1, 46 of the 100 teens were killed by everything from the landing itself to mysterious Mountain Men.

I don’t want to spoil things for you, but as of The 100 Season 5, the show could be called something more like The 10!


Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

Clarke Griffin is a former medical apprentice and current co-leader of The 100, alongside Bellamy.

She is the daughter of Abigail.

Clarke is dependable, determined, headstrong and intelligent. She was imprisoned for treason.

Paige Turco as Abigail Griffin

Abigail Griffin is the former Chancellor of Arkadia, former Council Member on The Ark and current Chief Medical Officer on The Ark.

She is the mother of Clarke and girlfriend of Marcus. Abigail is strong-willed but also tends to make risky decisions.

Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake is the former Second Warrior of Indra and current leader of the Wonkru Clan.

She is the younger sister of Bellamy. Octavia is brave, fierce and self-confident.

She was imprisoned for being a 2nd child. The rules of The Ark only allow one child per couple.

Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake

Bellamy Blake is a former member of the Arkadia Guard and current co-leader of The 100, alongside Clarke.

He is the older brother of Octavia.

Bellamy is aggressive, a natural leader and protective of his sister.

Christopher Larkin as Monty Green

Monty Green is a former member of the Arkadia Guard and is currently an Agriculture Scientist and Engineer.

Monty is intelligent, likeable, loyal and sarcastic.

He was imprisoned for stealing herbs from The Ark garden.

Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane

Marcus Kane is a former Council Member on The Ark, former Chancellor of Arkadia and current Ambassador of Shaikru.

He is the boyfriend of Abigail.

Marcus is loyal and selfless.

Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes

Raven Reyes is currently a Zero-Gravity Mechanic and Explosives Expert on The Ark.

Raven is brave, fierce, intelligent and tough.

Richard Harmon as John Murphy

John Murphy is the former Lieutenant in Bellamy Blake’s Militia.

John is hot-tempered, strong and uptight.

He was imprisoned for setting fire to the quarters of his father’s Arresting Officer.

Now that you know who’s who, let’s check out what’s happening right now on The 100!


We are currently in the midst of season 5 of The 100, so this episode guide isn’t complete. We will fill in the gaps once the episodes air, but

Episode 1- Eden

Clarke finds it tough trying to survive on Becca’s Island, while the survivors on The Ark receive a beacon of hope.


Episode 2- Red Queen

Octavia proves to be a competent leader, after she is forced to accept the guidance of Thelonious- an unlikely ally.


Episode 3- Sleeping Giants

Bellamy, Echo, Emori, Harper and Monty make it safely to the ground.


Episode 4- Pandora’s Box

Bellamy and Clarke are finally reunited, as are Bellamy and Octavia. Marcus lies to Octavia in order to protect Abigail.


Episode 5- Shifting Sands

Octavia leads the Wonkru Clan towards Shallow Valley, much to the dismay of Bellamy and Clarke.


Episode 6- Exit Wounds 

Kane’s attempt to prove himself useful tests Wonkru’s allegiance to Octavia. Madi faces an unexpected threat inside Wonkru, forcing Clarke to make an unlikely ally.


Episode 7- Acceptable Losses

Will air on June 19, 2018!


Episode 8- Secret Weapon

Will air on June 26, 2018!


Episode 9- Sic Semper Tyrannis

Will air on July 3, 2018!


Episode 10- The Last

Will air on July 10, 2018!


Episode 11- The Dark Year

Will air on July 17, 2018!


Episode 12- Damocles Part 1

Will air on July 24, 2018!


Episode 12- Damocles Part 2

Will air on July 31, 2018!


While you’re waiting for The 100 Season 5 to wrap up, fill in the time between episodes with some other intense shows!

Let’s check out my favorites!

Intense TV Shows Like the 100

1. Defiance

Defiance is a sci-fi drama television series that aired from April 15, 2013, to August 28, 2015. The series stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Jesse Rath and Trenna Keating.

Defiance takes place in the future, the year 2046 and Earth is nothing like it used to be. Now, a variety of alien races have settled on Earth, completely transforming it into a place that is not recognizable.

2. Falling Skies

Falling Skies is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic drama television series that ran from June 19, 2011 to August 30, 2015. The series stars Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight, Will Patton, Sarah Carter and Moon Bloodgood.

Falling Skies features the happenings of the aftermath of an alien invasion that has left the world virtually devastated.

3. The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a sci-fi television series that aired from October 9, 2013, to May 5, 2014. It is a remake of the British TV series of the same name that aired from April 30, 1973, to February 19, 1979.

The series stars Robbie Amell, Peyton List, Luke Mitchell, Aaron Yoo, Madeleine Mantock and Mark Pellegrino.

The Tomorrow People follow the lives of people who have special powers including teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy and work together to fight off the forces of evil.

4. Under the Dome

Under the Dome is a sci-fi drama television series that ran from June 24, 2013, to September 10, 2015.

The series stars Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Dean Norris and Mackenzie Lintz. Under the Dome showcases the residents of a small town in Maine that have been cut off from the rest of the world, due to an invisible and strange force field.



5. 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys is an adventure, drama, mystery, sci-fi television series that is loosely based on the 1995 movie- of the same name. It has aired for 3 seasons, so far, with season 4 set to be the final season.

The series stars Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and Kirk Acevedo. 12 Monkeys focuses on James Cole- a scavenger from the future year 2043- who is sent back to the year 2015 to prevent a deadly plague that threatens to destroy humanity.

6. Lost

Lost is a television series that features adventure, drama, mystery, sci-fi and supernatural. It aired for 6 seasons- from September 22, 2004 to May 23, 2010. The series features an ensemble cast that includes Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson and Henry Ian Cusick.

Okay, let’s see how many of you are paying attention! Name something The 100 and Lost have in common?

The answer- Henry Ian Cusick. Cusick currently plays Marcus Kane on The 100 and previously played Desmond Hume on Lost. If you’ve never seen Lost, trust me it’s an amazing show but be forewarned that it can get confusing at times.

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Lost focuses on the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed on a Pacific Island. It doesn’t take long for the survivors to discover that the Island holds an array of secrets.

7. Revolution

Revolution is an action, adventure, drama, sci-fi television series that aired for 2 seasons- from September 17, 2012 to May 21, 2014.

The series stars Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lyons and Giancarlo Esposito. Revolution takes place in the future year 2027. Back in the year 2012, Earth experienced a permanent blackout and now a group of revolutionaries find themselves struggling to survive.

8. Survivors

Note the “s” at the end, this isn’t the reality TV show that you might be thinking of! Survivors is a British drama, sci-fi television series that aired for 2 seasons- from November 23, 2008 to February 23, 2010. It is loosely based on the 1976 book- of the same name- by Terry Nation.

Survivors follows a group of people who survived an unknown global virus epidemic that wiped out most of the world’s population. Find this one on HULU.


9. Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a sci-fi, drama television series that aired for 1 season- from September 26, 2011 to October 19, 2011. The series stars Jason O’Mara, Shelley Conn and Naomi Scott.

Terra Nova is set in the year 2149 (same year as The 100), where Earth is dying, and the Shannon family is transported back 85 million years to try and save the human race.


10. The Expanse

The Expanse is a sci-fi, drama television series that has aired for 3 seasons, so far, premiering on November 23, 2015. It is based on the series of books- of the same name- by James S.A. Corey.

The series stars Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Wes Chatham and Cas Anvar.

The Expanse is set 200 years in the future, where Josephus Miller- a police detective- is tasked with finding Julie Andromeda Mao- the missing daughter of a business tycoon- and soon discovers a link between her disappearance and the destruction of an ice hauler- Canterbury.

The Expanse is included with your Amazon Prime membership.

11. The Last Ship

The Last Ship is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, drama television series that has aired for 4 seasons, so far, premiering on June 22, 2014.

It is loosely based on the 1988 book- of the same name- by William Brinkley. The series stars Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell and Travis Van Winkle.

The Last Ship focuses on the crew of the USS Nathan James- a naval destroyer- who are tasked with trying to save humanity after a global pandemic wipes out most of the world’s population.

You can watch this one on HULU.


12. Travelers

Travelers is a drama, mystery, sci-fi television series that has aired for 2 seasons, so far, premiering on October 17, 2016. The series stars Eric McCormack, Mackenzie Porter, Patrick Gilmore and Jared Abrahamson.

Travelers takes place several hundred years into the future and focuses on a team of secret operatives, who are trying to prevent society’s collapse, after time travelers attempt to take over their conscious minds.

This show is available exclusively on Netflix.


These great shows like The 100 should hold you over in between episodes and once Season 5 finishes up!

Are you a fan of any of these shows?Do you know of any other good shows like The 100 that I can watch? Tell me in the comments!



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